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Applying for an Ohio CDL - Endorsement P (Passenger)

by Joshua on Sep 18, 2014.
Filed under: Ohio
In the United States, there are multiple types of driver’s licenses that someone can have. Most people have a Class D license, which allows one to operate vehicles that most people typically use. Large or specialty vehicles require other types of licenses. A commercial driver’s license (CDL) is required for a person to operate vehicles above a certain size, or specialty types of vehicles such as hazardous material vehicles or passenger transport vehicles. There are three classes of CDLs thro... Read More

Ohio CDL - Class C License w/ Passenger

by Joshua on Jul 23, 2014.
Filed under: Ohio Commercial Driver's Licence
Commercial vehicle drivers are always in high demand because goods always need to be transported from one area of the country to another. Therefore having a commercial driver’s license can be an exciting asset to possess in today’s economy, as the commercial trucking industry still has many jobs to fill. Not only is acquiring a CDL a low-cost investment, it has a high potential for job security and a competitive salary regardless of the economic climate. If earning your class C CDL license... Read More

Free Ohio CDL Practice Test Questions

by Joshua on Jul 03, 2014.
Filed under: Ohio
It is important to practice your Commercial Driver’s License exams before plunging into the exam at your local Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Prior to obtaining your CDL in Ohio, you will need to take one or more written examinations called Knowledge Tests. These Knowledge Tests are mandatory for you to take the hands-on skills test. Why Take CDL Practice Tests? You may want to take a free practice Commercial Driver’s License test for many reasons. After reading all of the information in yo... Read More


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