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Study Plan for Passing your Written Drivers Test

by Joshua on Jul 26, 2013.
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For many people of all ages, test taking is an intimidating situation and your Written Drivers test is no exception. The key to passing any test is to have a study plan and utilize your thought out plan to help alleviate some of those test-day jitters that can often lead to a failing score even if you know the material thoroughly. Regardless of whether you are still in school or an adult that graduated many years ago, you can relate to the testing process and find ways to better deal with thi... Read More

What to Expect on the Written Driving Test

by Joshua on Jul 24, 2013.
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Anyone wishing to operate a motor vehicle on state public roads must first obtain a driver’s license from their state’s DMV. There are additional steps for minors under the age of 18 that are applying for their first license, usually in the form of a graduated license program. In addition, special licenses such as the CDL and motorcycle licenses have their own specific programs the driver must follow in order to be licensed. In every case, there will be some form of a written test applied in ... Read More