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DOL Test Question and Answers for Washington DOL

by Joshua on Nov 20, 2013.
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Qualifying for your basic driver's license is one of the most exciting milestones we look forward to. Starting even in early childhood we often fantasize about the road trips we will take and the model of our first car, of course none of this can be realized without first learning to drive. Learning to drive is a serious affair but can also be fun and easy. There are many resources available to help ease the transition from a pedestrian or instruction permit holder to a full fledged basic li... Read More

All About The Commercial Drivers License III

by Joshua on Nov 18, 2013.
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Commercial Drivers License or a CDL as it is most commonly referred to— is required for anyone who wants to operate a commercial class vehicle or a motorcycle/moped. Those that qualify and earn a CDL can operate any type of commercial class vehicle in the class for which their license was issued. An exception applies to those who got a CDL to drive a motorcycle type vehicle. Many types of day to day jobs require a CDL to operate the type of vehicle you need to perform your daily tasks. Truck ... Read More

MVD Questions and Answers for the Arizona MVD

by Joshua on Nov 15, 2013.
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The exciting world of driving lies just around the corner, are you prepared to do what it takes to grab this dream? Here in the wonderful state of Arizona there are many steps that you must take in order to be restriction free driving. All of these steps are there to ensure that you are ready and can safely operate a motor vehicle. Some of these steps may seem trivial, but they are there for your protection. It is a long wait until you are restriction free, but it will be worth it. Just ... Read More

Informative Guide For the Soon To Be Licensed Driver

by Joshua on Nov 14, 2013.
Filed under: Learner's Permit
Taking your drivers license test can be a daunting task, one seemingly impossible if you have not looked into the test content, requirements or if you have never taken a formal driving course. There are a couple different ways you can go about getting your drivers license depending on what state you will receive the license in. h3. Methods For Obtaining Your Drivers License # The learners permit method Requirements: * Valid proof of identity (government or other valid officially... Read More

All About the CDL General Knowledge Test Part II

by Joshua on Nov 08, 2013.
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Understanding the CDL general knowledge test and the parts you need to learn and know for your specific license class is vital. Making sure you have the proper test materials is a huge step in the right direction. This test is not only long it contains materials referring to all of the CDL licenses classes but the endorsements also. Taking the general knowledge test is perhaps the most important part of acquiring a CDL license and should be taken seriously. h3. About the Test The CD... Read More