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New North Dakota Drivers License

Who needs a License?

Any resident over the age of 16 can obtain a standard drivers license, but there are several types of licenses available. The type you choose will depend on what your intended uses are for the license and include:

  • Class D pertains to anyone operating a vehicle for person use on the roads. Minors must first obtain a restricted license before applying for this class. Included in this class is the ability to operate emergency vehicles, RV and campers and certain construction equipment. Farmers and children over the age of 14 may also operate farm equipment with this license.
  • Class A, B, C Commercial licenses are for those wishing to operate a vehicle for a living. Depending on whether or not you intend to transport materials or people you may need additional endorsements.
  • Class M is a license for operating any two wheeled motorcycle on public roads or three wheeled motorcycle off-road

What are the Requirements for Getting a License?

General requirements include documentation proving your age, legal name, residency and citizenship in an effort to assist with assuring that identification administered is secure and confirmed. This includes all types of drivers’ licenses, state IDs and learners’ permits:

  • Age – You must be 15 years old to apply for a restricted license and 16 years of age to obtain your Class D or M license. The exception to this rule is those children age 14 that will be operating farm equipment with parental supervision.
  • Identification- You must be a resident of North Dakota, which is defined as anyone living in the state for more than 90 days. In addition, you must be able to prove you are legally allowed to live in the US or a citizen. You will be expected to present a social security card, along with required proof upon submitting an application for licensing.
  • You will be required to pay your licensing costs at the time of application. This includes the $5 charge for the written test as well as the $5 cost of the road test if you are required to take it.

What Tests do I need to take to get a License?

Each of the five classes of drivers licenses offered in North Dakota has its own set of testing requirements, however all license applicants must pass a vision test. In general, tests are divided into two parts:

  • The written test consists of multiple-choice questions taken from the information found in the DMV manual "Rules of the Road. It can be taken without an appointment at any DMV branch office.
  • The road test must be scheduled in advance and will test your skills behind the wheel. Tests are given with a certified instruction that will evaluate your performance on the road and apply a point system to determine if you pass or fail.

Taking a Drivers Education Course

At age 16 you may fulfill the drivers training requirement through a school approved the Department of Public Instruction. More information is located in the Parent-Teen Drivers Guide. There are several additional driver-training courses optional for both teen and adult drivers, and mandatory for those removing points from a license due to an accident or traffic violation. These include the Alive at 25 training course developed by the National Safety Council.

Preparing for the Written Test

There are several steps you can take to assure you pass on the first try including:

  • Read your Rules of the Road manual several times to assure you know all North Dakota traffic rules, laws and regulations.
  • Obtain cheat sheets from featuring information found in the top fifty multiple choice questions found on the written test.
  • You will also need to purchase practice tests from that will review over 100 questions similar to those found on the actual test.

Scheduling an Appointment

The North Dakota DMV does not have the option at this time to schedule appoints except when taking the road test or renewing your license. You may schedule your appointment online.

What to Bring on Test Day

On the day of testing you will need to submit a completed driver’s license application. Teen drivers under the age of 18 must have both parental consent and supervising in order to receive a learner’s permit and this will be required on the day of testing. Minors must also submit proof of completion for approved driver-training courses and a completed drivers log found in the Parent-Teen Drivers Guide. All applicants must bring a social security card and required proof of identity, citizenship and residency. Bring the amount for licensing fees in the form of cash, check or money order.

Costs of Drivers Test

There are several fees associated with licensing and testing including:

  • Written test- $5
  • Road Test- $5

Taking the Driving Test

Taking the road test can make new drivers nervous, regardless of your age as it can be intimating. The most important thing you can do to assure you are ready is utilize your practice time wisely and complete at least the minimum 50 hours required of road time. The certified inspector will be grading you on two aspects of driving: Your ability to follow traffic laws and practice safe driving behind the wheel and your control over the vehicle. You will not pass if the examiner receives the impression that you are lacking in confidence while driving as a precautionary measure. Nervous drivers do not think clearly and tend to make bad decisions leading to accidents. If you have spent enough time driving before the test, you will be calm and pass on your first try.

Taking the Written Test

All test questions are created using the information found in the Rules of the Road manual so be sure to study this multiple times. You can also locate cheat sheets found on as a guide to assure you study the most commonly found information on the test. Taking several practice tests will help you become familiar with the testing process and review valuable information before attempting the actual test. Remove all distractions while test so that you can focus all of your attention on passing. You can take a free online practice test courtesy of for a better idea of what to expect.

What Tests do I need to take to get a License?

You will be required to take a series of tests when applying for any type of driver’s license. The testing process is divided into three parts:

  • The Written Test is a minimum of 25 multiple choice questions and will cover all traffic laws, rules and regulations.
  • The Vision exam is given to all drivers license applicants for any type of license
  • The Road Test is graded on a point system, requiring a minimum score of 20 points to pass. You must supply your own vehicle for testing.

Renewing your North Dakota Drivers License

Who needs to renew their License?

Your license will expire at midnight on your birthday and the length of time your license is good for will depend on the date that you apply for the original license. Anyone wishing to continue operating a personal, commercial or motorcycle license on public roads in North Dakota must renew their license.

How do I renew my N.D. License?

You must complete the renewal process at your local DMV branch office, though an appointment can be made online in advance to save time. Check your license for the expiration date, which will be specific to your license depending on your birth date and the date of original issuing of your license. You may renew anytime between midnight of your expiration or up to 10 months in advance. You must bring your current license on the day of renewal and pass a vision test. No other tests are required unless your license has been expired for more than one year, at which time you must retake the written test.

What is the Cost to renew my License?

The renewal fee for a non-commercial license is $15.

Steps to renew your License

The renewal process in North Dakota is quick and simple:

  • Schedule an appointment online for your renewal and appear at your DMV branch office a few minutes before the time
  • Submit a renewal form and present your current license.
  • Pass the vision test and take a new photograph
  • Pay the renewal fees

Getting a North Dakota Learners Permit

Who needs a Learners Permit?

Minors between the ages of 15 and 18 wishing to begin the process for a driver’s license must pass a driver-training course through the Department of Public Institution. Parents and teens can find information on this course and its requirements in the Parent-Teen Drivers Guide. You must be at least 15 at the time of registration for drivers training.

Requirements to Getting a Learners Permit

In order to apply for a learners permit, you must provide the required proof of identity residency and citizenship with a social security card. All proofs must be originals; no copies are allowed and must contain your full legal name. You must be able to pass a vision test, and the "written examination based on the information found in the Rules of the Road. You must have written parental consent to apply for a learners permit.

Important guidelines for Driving with a North Dakota learners Permit

All new drivers ages 14 or 15 are required to drive for at least 12 months with a learners permit, while those between the age of 16 and 18 must drive for 6 months before applying for a restricted license. With your permit, you must be accompanied by a licensed driver over the age of 18 with at least 3 years driving experience at all times and they must be seated in the passenger’s seat. You must practice for at least 50 hours of road time in addition to the time spent practicing during the driver-training course, with a minimum of ten hours nighttime practice.

  • Parents and teen drivers are recommended to generate a parent-teen driving contract before beginning practice on the road. This will help set up some ground rules and make the best use of driving time possible
  • It takes 15 minutes of driving time each day to complete the 50 hour requirement, and 30 minutes per day for the 100 hour requirement so be sure that you begin practice immediately
  • You can find detail lists located in the Parent-Teen Drivers Guide of all aspects of safe driving you should cover while driving with a learners permit.
  • Many resources are available for you to study online, such as the cheat sheets offered through that have helped people across the US learn safe driving practices with the best study material on the web. It’s essential that you have a good understanding of everything from common road signs to traffic laws before getting into the drivers seat and guides can assist you with this. In addition, offers Study materials and practice tests to assure you pass your learners permit test on the first try.

Cost of a North Dakota Learners Permit

The cost of a learners permit is $15 and it is good for one year.

Steps to getting a Learners Permit

It is important to prepare for your learners permit before attempting to apply. You can do this by reading through your Rules of the Road manual. In addition, use online cheat sheets as a study guide to assure you are studying important information on the written test. You can also benefit from several practice tests to assist you in passing on the first try. Once you are ready, visit your DMV branch at least one hour before closing and complete the steps:

  • Fill out the learners permit application with a parent or guardians signature, and submit along with the proof of identity, citizenship and residency and your social security card.
  • Submit proof that you have completed your driver-training course
  • Pass the vision test, and take the written test.
  • Pay the permit fee of $15 with check, cash or money order

You can obtain study material for the ND learner’s Permit Test at

100% Money Back Guarantee If You Fail

The DMVCheatSheets Guarantee

If you don't pass your written test we will REFUND you 100% of your purchase with us.

Study Material Available