How Can Online Practice Tests Help You Pass Your DMV Test?

by Joshua on May 27, 2013

For some, the mere thought of going through any test could be quite overwhelming, the two most probable reasons being, first, you may be going in to take your test unprepared; second, you may be overwhelmed by the occasion and too dominated with fear of failing. Just like any other test, the DMV test could be a scary affair for some. The fact that the DMV test has both the written and practical parts to it makes it more nervewrecking.

What is the DMV test?

The DMV test is a driving skill test offered by the Department of Motor Vehicle. It offers a passing candidate the privilage of driving on the road, by issuing a driver’s licence or driving permit.

Reasons for high percentage of DMV Test failures

First time tested

If you are confident that you would pass your DMV test, it is a good sign! You may be good at driving, and you might also understand quite a few road signs and rules, however, it is higly unlikely that you would know all of them. Although you need to pass the DMV test when applying for your driver’s license or permit for the first time, however, some states require you to take this test in other instances also, such as when you move from one state to another and need a change of address and an updation on your vehicle registration.

Licensed Drivers

In case you do have a driver’s license but still need to take the DMV test you may have a feeling that you do not need to go throug any test practice a you have been driving for quite some time now. How long has it been since you ever went through a driving manual? If your answer to this is, “I don’t remember”, or years ago, then you may be in for a few surprises. Moreover, there could be changes and new additions to the driving rules and regulations over the years. Therefore, confidence alone would not do for passing your DMV test; you have to be acquainted with a lot more than you know to get through your DMV test.

Under Prepared

Another reason why a large percentage of people fail their DMV test is that they go on to take the test unprepared. There could be multiple reasons for this inadequate preparation, for instance not covering the whole DMV Manuel, not preparing for the test feeling you have enough knowledge, and so on.

Not enough test practice

This goes true for both the written test as well as the driving skills test. The DMV tests aim at making sure that you have enough driving skills and knowledge of the driving regulations that it would be safe both for you and for others if you were to be permitted to drive. That is why they are so tough, and require a certain level of driving skill and knowledge for passing the test.

Here is how online practice tests could help you pass your DMV Test.

Relevant Practice Material

Since these online practice tests use the DMV manuals as basis of their practice questions they contain the most relevant and probable questions that could come up in your DMV test. Further more as each state has slight variations in the law related to DMV tests both written and driving skills, the practice material offered is created based in this important fact and is categorized state wise accordingly.
This is how most of these online DMV practice tests work. In each of these tests, you a get batch of around 50 most relevant practice questions on random road signs, and road rules. Therefore, instead of pondering for hours and hours preparing for your test, you get the extracted manual that is readable in 20 minutes.

Integrated Practice Tests

Your DMV test could comprise of questions covering a whole range of driving laws, some of the online testing systems shuffle the questions randomly for your second and consequent attempts at the next practice tests. This means you get more diversified and comprehensive knowledge of the road rules and nation wide road signs. In addition, the system keeps repeating the questions that you have answered wrong until you master your weaker areas.

Practice makes perfect

Once you take this online practice test 4-5 times you get enough knowledge and confidence to boldly take on your DMV. The more you practice the less you feel inadequate for taking your DMV test, this pretty much takes care of both the reasons for being uncomfortable or nervous mentioned early on.

Prepare on the go

These online DMV practice tests are great when going in for your DMV tests. They offer you lots of practice based on some of the most relevant test material best-known learning techniques. You get to learn more in lesser time, and in addition to being available on your mobile, they have a printable version as well.

Tricky Questions

Another thing that these practice tests take into account is the fact that DMV questions are quite tricky. It is amazing how a single question if reworded could have a completely new perspective, or the answer options could be confusing, these online practice tests use similar question patterns for their sample questions. This way you get enough practice of what exactly the questions mean, regardless of the wording used.

Understanding Road Signs and Road Rules

Driving is a much more than being able to cruise your car on the road. It involve proper understanding of road signs and road safety rules that are important for your safety, the safety of your loved ones and that of others on the road. So in addition to passing the DMV test these online practice tests prove to be a vital resource for honing your driving skills.

In addition to the written online practice tests, you get other important information related to your DMV test such as what are the test vehicles requirements, tips on how to handle your vehicle during DMV driving skill test, and more summarized DMV test preparation material.

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