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New Michigan Driver’s License

Who needs A License?

Michigan offers several types of driver’s licenses for a variety of uses and vehicles. If you are a first-time driver, teen driver or new resident to the state you will apply for a standard license. You can also choose a career operating a vehicle such as transporting goods, packages and even people on public transit such as buses. This will require a special license to proceed and earn a living. For recreational purposes or for practical use such as saving gas you may also chose to pursue a motorcycle or moped license.

How do I choose a license type?

  • Standard License– a general license used by many to drive daily. Those under 18 that have never been licensed must complete addition steps in the program in order to be issued their license privileges. Many people chose to obtain an enhanced license substitution of a regular license. This can be used in replacement of a passport in specific countries. Michigan shares a border with our neighbors in Canada and this is a better option if you travel to the country.
  • Chauffeur’s License– Required for bus drivers; taxi or limousine drivers; or any vehicle in which you intend to transport passengers
  • Motorcycle Endorsement– This will allow you to enjoy the freedom of driving a motorcycle on Michigan roads, a common pass-time among natives to the state.
  • Moped License – Required in order to operate a Moped in the absence of any other valid driver’s license.
  • Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) A, B or C – Required for all drivers who intend to operate commercial vehicles, commercial vehicle carrying hazardous material or designed to transport 16 or more people.

What Tests Do I need to take to get a License?

The Knowledge test is administered to those who have never been licensed before and consists of 50 multiple-choice questions taken directly from the manual “What every driver must know”. You must correctly answer 40 out of 50 in order to pass.

Each driver regardless of the license you are receiving is required to participate in a vision test. This will be given when you apply for a permit, new driver’s license, special license and at renewal.

The drivers’ test is administered by a third-party approved agency. You may use the interactive online database to locate a third-party tester in your area. The test will be given on a designated route and test your knowledge of traffic laws and ability to safely handle a vehicle.

What are the requirements for getting my Michigan License?

Minors between age 16 and 18 years old must complete Michigan’s Graduated Driver’s License (GDL) program successfully before applying for a full-privilege license. All first time applicants must meet the following requirements in order to be licensed:

You will need to provide four types of documentation at the time of application; these proofs will include one of the choices from each category. Your documentation must include:

  • A Social security card
  • One proof of legal presence which is most commonly your original birth certificate with raised seal
  • One proof of identity which can be school records for a minor
  • One document proving you’re a resident of Michigan and can be utility bill. Minors may struggle with this form of proof but you can use your school report card.
  • Applicants must pass a vision test to determine whether they can safely to see while driving
  • Applicants must pass a driving skills test given by a third party tester. Proof of passing is required.
  • Applicants must pass a knowledge test
  • You be required to take a photograph after completing all of the above steps and pay the correct fee for your license of $25. Note that it is more money to receive an enhanced license and there are additional requirements including a citizenship test administered at the DMV branch.

Taking a Driver’s Education Course

First time drivers over the age of 18 are recommended to take drivers education, even though it is not required. Michigan teen driver education is separated into two segments. Segment one is a mixture of 24 hours of classroom instruction, six hours of behind the wheel driving instruction and four hours of observation. Segment two can be taken after the teen has held a level 1 license for a minimum of 3 months and had at least 30 hours on the road drive time. The course consists of six hours of additional classroom instruction. All approved schools use the same curriculum guide which you can download in advance for an idea of what will be covered.

Taking the Written and Driving Tests

You will be required to take a driving skills test if you are applying for a new license regardless of your age. For minors this will be part of the Level 2 licensing program. If your license has been expired for over four years or you are currently licensed in another country you will also be required to test your road skills. Tests are administered by licensed third-party agencies and the price will depend on the individual companies preferences so shop around to find the best cost. The test will be split into two portions:

  • The first portion will test your skills behind the wheel in an off the road environment. This will be a series of maneuver tests and may include parallel parking.
  • After passing the first portion you will be allowed to take the on-road test. The instructor will determine if you can properly read street and follow streets signs, control the vehicle and obey traffic laws.

The most effective preparation for your written knowledge test is assure you understand all the aspects of safe driving, as well as commonly found road signs found in “What every driver must know” in detail. The test consists of 50 randomly generated questions in multiple choice forms and you must correctly answer at least 40 to receive a passing score. You can utilize excellent online resources such as the practice tests and cheat sheets found at for additional material. This test is administered at your local DMV branch office so be sure to arrive at least one hour before close to allow yourself full advantage of testing time.

What to Bring on Test Day

You can use the online step by step checklist found at Michigan DMV online in order to assure that nothing is forgotten on test day. Minors under the age of 18 are required to bring proof of driver’s education in order to complete the testing process at level 1 and 2 of the graduated license program in addition to the following requirements:

  • You must bring all four of the required documents including a social security card, proof of legal presence, and proof of identity and residency in Michigan
  • Those required to take the driving test must bring proof of completion
  • You must also bring the appropriate fees in the form of check, cash or underwear

Costs of Driver’s Test

There are several fees involved in getting your driver’s license including:

  • Original operating license – $25
  • Renewal operating license – $18
  • Duplicate license – $9

Other special fees will apply in specific situations such as obtaining your commercial driver’s license or a special endorsement.

Proof of Insurance

Proof of Insurance is only required if you are registering a vehicle or renewing a plate.

Taking the Driver’s Test

The road test is divided into two main portions which include the off-the-road and on-road portions of testing. Each third party company varies in price and testing procedure but in general you will test in a parking lot or facility for portion one and on a pre-designed course for portion two.

  • Portion one will test your ability to complete certain maneuvers such as backing up, vehicle control and parallel parking. You must successfully pass this part in order to continue on to the road test.
  • Using a pre-set route your examiner will determine if you can safely perform all aspects of driving on public roads. This will include making turns, handling street signs and yielding the right-of-way.

Practice driving before you plan to take this test, as your ability to control a vehicle can only be learned through actual practice. Minors are required to complete driving requirements for a learners permit before they qualify to test but even adult drivers will benefit from the training.

Taking the Written Test

The Michigan knowledge test consists of 50 questions that are generated randomly from the information found in What “Every Driver Must Know” manual administered at the DMV office, you must allow at least one hour for testing so be sure to arrive in time.

  • You can use "practice tests and Cheat sheets offer at for addition studying to assure that you do not fail on the first try
  • Avoid distractions while testing such as phone calls and texts. Some branches will require you to turn off cell phones before administering the test

Renewing your Michigan Driver’s License

How do I renew my Michigan Driver’s License?

Your driver’s license can be renewed online through the express SOS service website. You cannot renew online if you have an enhanced license. You may also renew your license by mail but assure you mail in the renewal notice at least three in advance to assure your new license will arrive on time. You may both online and mail with a checking account, money order or credit card.

You are required to renew your license in person every eight years, or every other renewal date. You must be sure to bring all required documentation to the DMV the day of your renewal to avoid any delays. If there any changes to your health you must bring documentation with you on the day of renewal. Renewal at your branch office can be a quick process:

  • Provide your drivers license or other form of photo ID if you cannot find your license
  • Pass the vision test with or without corrective glasses or contacts
  • Pay your renewal fee of $18 by check, cash or money order. There is an additional $7 fee for late renewals.

What is the cost to renew my driver’s license?

The fee for renewal in the state of Michigan $18 if you renew by the expiration date. If the license is renewed after the expiration date a fee of $7 will be added.

h2. Getting a Michigan Learner’s Permit

You will be required to obtain a learners permit if you have never been licensed, have a foreign driver’s license or currently have a license from any state that has been expired for over 4 years.

Requirements for getting a learner’s permit

  • You will be required to show four documents at the time you apply for your permit. These documents must include a social security card, one documents proving legal presence such as a birth certificate, one document proving your identity and one proving your residency status in Michigan. For minors applying for a permit the final two requirements can be hassling to locate, so the DMV has allowed school records to be provided as proof of identity and a report card mailed to your home for the residency requirement.
  • You will also be required to show proof that you have successfully completed the first portion of driver’s education in order to receive your permit
  • The written knowledge test must be passed with 40 correct questions out of 50 and a vision screening successfully completed
  • Pay the fee for a permit in the form of a check, cash or money order.

Using your Michigan Learners Permit

Adult drivers are required to drive with a learners permit for at least 30 days before registering for the driving skills test. Because adults are not required to take a drivers education course, it is essential that you use this practice time wisely to assure you will pass the road test on the first try.

Minors must log 50 hours of driving time, ten of which must be after sunset while practicing with a learners permit. Parents now have the legal right in Michigan to request that a minor be held at a specific license level for a longer period of time, or that the teen driver is not allowed to continue pursuing a license at this time. As their driving coach, parents know whether or not a child is truly ready for the responsibility of driving and this is discovered through the practice portion done with a learners permit. Excellent coaching advice is available online through the DMV website to help you and your teen get the most out of the practice time you have.

100% Money Back Guarantee If You Fail

The DMVCheatSheets Guarantee

If you don't pass your written test we will REFUND you 100% of your purchase with us.

Study Material Available