Michigan to Start Issuing Licenses to those in DACA Program

by Lisa on February 03, 2013

Effective February 19, young people that are part of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals can apply for a drivers license. The Michigan Department of State has announced that in light of a recent reversal by federal officials declaring DACA participants to be lawfully present, the DMV is required to issue those participants licenses and identification cards.

“Michigan will only issue driver’s licenses to individuals who are here legally,” Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson said. “The feds now say they consider these young people to be lawfully present while they participate in the DACA program, so we are required to issue driver’s licenses and identification cards. I will continue to follow the law.”

DACA participants who have documentation that they’re in the United States legally for a limited period of time may apply for driver’s licenses and IDs starting February 19. That’s when the Michigan Department of State will issue new limited-term driver’s license and state ID to follow state and federal law.

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