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by Joshua on February 03, 2014

Getting behind the wheel of our first car and taking off to visit a friend out of town, or cruise up and down the street with our friends and family, music playing, wind blowing and sunglasses on looking cool! The stuff our teenage and young adult dreams are made of but before these dreams can be realized we have to go through what every other driver on the road has to do and this includes the license application for Louisiana State, the knowledge test and the road test.

In Louisiana, the OMV or office of motor vehicles otherwise known as the DMV in other states requires that we test in a couple different areas and pass with a 80% passing rate which means getting at least 32 questions out of 40 on the knowledge test correct. This may seem like an impossible feat and you may question how hundreds of thousands of drivers continually pass this test and go on to get their license. The answer is simple-studying— it may just be one word but it’s so much more complex than that. People study and test differently and testing for your driver’s license whether it be the written knowledge test or the road test is one of the most nerve wracking tests you will take and can make even the most confident applicant forget all the read in the drivers manual. You can try as often as you want to read the manual over and over and apply for your license, pay for the test only to fail and have to retake it possible several times.

The trick is to study what you need to know and not memorize useless information and the easiest way to do this is through There you can find all the testing information for permits and all types of license as well as practice tests and cheat sheets. Practice tests and cheat sheets eliminate the need to memorize every ounce of material in the manual and allow you to practice taking the knowledge test over and over without the hassle. It also allows you to see the answers right away which helps to direct you to which material you have learned and which material you need to study further on.

Requirements for Obtaining a First Time License in Louisiana State

Like all states Louisiana has its own set of rules and regulations for drivers of all ages and applications as well as its own requirements for applying for a permit or license. Call ahead to your local OMV to check which documents are accepted or required in your area. To apply for a driver’s license applicants must be residents of Louisiana bring proof of residency and must have completed the appropriate driver’s education courses for their designated age. Each type of license has a different fee for application as well as a local fee and some testing fees.

For a First Time License for applicants age 17, you must provide your birth certificate or a certified copy, your social security card and the proof of successful completion of a certified 38 hour driver’s education course or pre-licensing class and have obtained the required proof of school attendance from your school. First time applicants over 18 years of age must provide proof of identity and residency as well and have proof of successful completion of an approved driver’s education course.

Applicants of all age and license levels must take and pass the knowledge skills test, vision test and road skills test. Tests may be administered by approved third party vendors and to conduct your road test you should contact your local facility to ensure you’re given plenty of time to complete the test before the office closes.

Sample Tests and Answer Sheet for First Time License Knowledge Test in Louisiana

The knowledge test for obtaining your Louisiana First Time License or permit is a 40 question test. The test is always different and randomly generated to test the broadest range of knowledge from the driving manual and ensure that you are learned in the general rules of the road, road signs and procedures for emergency or special situations that can occur on the road. Simply reading the driving manual is a pain and can stress anyone out, it’s a lot of material to cover and doesn’t prepare you for the tricky question phrasing or the main content covered on the test no matter the randomization. makes available a variety of online practice tests and cheat sheets so that you can test over several combinations of questions and prepare as quickly and easily as possible. The practice tests are designed to mimic the actual test and use questions that are commonly found on the knowledge test.

Sample Test

Here is a short example of the sample test and answer sheets for the Louisiana Knowledge Test-

1.) If you are driving with the high beams of your vehicle on and an oncoming vehicle is approaching, how many feet before you pass the vehicle must you turn off your high beams?

A. 50 feet
B. 300 feet
C. 500 feet
D. 150 feet

2.) Conditions in which the road may become more hazardous for drivers includes which of the following?

A. After it has been raining for more than 6 hours
B. Right before it rains
C. The first time it rains after a spell of dry weather
D. After it has stopped raining for 4 hours

3.) When parallel parking the tires of your vehicle must be no more than how many inches from the curb of the street?

A. 18 inches
B. 24 inches
C. 10 inches
D. 12 inches

4.) According to state law which passengers are required to wear a safety belt when riding in a motor vehicle?

A. Passengers in the back seat
B. The driver and any front seat passengers
C. Only the driver and passengers riding in third row seats
D. The driver and all passengers regardless of seating

5.) In the event of an accident in which your vehicle is hit from behind which of the following actions should you NOT take?

A. Brace yourself against the steering wheel
B. Push your head into your head rest
C. Be ready to apply your foot brake quickly
D. Place your head between your legs and grab your knee’s

Answer Sheet

1.) C
2.) C
3.) A
4.) B
5.) D

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