New DMV Laws for California Residents Simplified

Effective January 1, 2013, the California legislature passed several laws that effect CA drivers. Read below to learn the newest DMV rules and regulations.

Driving Under the Influence: Drivers suspected of being under the influence of drugs can no longer choose a urine test over a blood test, with certain exemptions for health related reasons. If a blood test is unavailable, then the person is deemed to have given his or her consent to a urine test.

California Vintage License Plates: DMV will now accept applications for a series of three specialized license plates that replicate plates for California’s past. Motorists will be able to choose from three styles: yellow background with black lettering, black background with yellow lettering, and blue background with yellow lettering.

Car Buyer Protection: “Buy-here-pay-here” dealers are defined in this law and limits are placed on these businesses to protect consumers. The law limits how GPS tracking can be used by these dealers and prohibits them from remotely shutting down vehicles without first notifying the buyer in writing that such a device will be installed in the vehicle.

Traffic School for Commercial Drivers: Individuals who have a CDL license will be permitted to attend traffic school for non-commercial violations. However, the record of the conviction would not be held confidential and will be disclosed to employers, and to insurers for insurance underwriting and rating purposes.

Autonomous Vehicles: This law is a sign of the future. The law allows for testing of self-driving vehicles by companies with autonomous technology, provided certain requirements are met.

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