[Infographic] Driver's Licenses 101

by Joshua on July 13, 2013

At DMVCheatSheets.com, we’re constantly being asked questions about the different types of driver’s licenses and how many people have these licenses. Instead of simply answering this question with words, we thought a giant infographic would be far more fun (and we were right if I do say so myself!).

There are some amazing facts revealed in the following graphic. For example, did you know an incredible 85% of people in the US of age to own a drivers license have their license? That’s over 211,874,649 people! What about this – slightly more women hold licenses than males, but a slightly smaller percent of all females have a drivers license (wrap your head around that!).

Here’s some sadder stuff – 92% of people with a suspended or revoked license was due to a failure to comply with child support orders. And if you live in Virginia – WATCH OUT! Virginia has the highest rate of suspended or revoked licenses in the country.

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about the different classes of licenses, what an auto, motorcycle or CDL (commercial drivers license) class cover, or other interesting facts, take a look below:

Drivers License 101 Infographic

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