Helping Your Teen Prepare to Pass the Drivers Tests

by Joshua on August 14, 2013

Obtaining a first drivers license in an important time in a teenager’s life and an exciting time for parents as their child begins the first steps towards adolescent. At the same time that is a positive and fun moment, it is also a critical chance for parents to prepare their child for safe driving practices that will carry with them in adulthood. Teen drivers account for a great percentage of the fatal accidents on roadways across the United States and this is greatly to do a lack of experience behind the wheel. Many neglect to use safety equipment properly such as seat belts and are unsure how to handle an emergency situation on the roadways.

In response to this, all of states across the US have uniformly created programs specific to their state to help prevent these devastating accidents from occurring. These programs are designed to meet the needs of each state when addressing the issue of teenage drivers on the roadways. In addition to training programs such as Drivers Education, there are restrictions placed in many states on the new teen driver’s license to assure they are becoming the best driver possible. These restrictions include such items as limiting the times of day a teenager can be on the roadways to avoid the hours in which statistics say your teen is most likely to be involved in an accident.

As a parent or guardian you can become involved and assist in this growing process for your teenager in many ways. First and most important is to set a good example for your teenager when you are behind the wheel by using your safety equipment, enforcing seatbelts for everyone in the vehicle and obeying traffic laws for your state.

The Testing Process

Each state differs slightly in this process but you find that there are a series of important evaluations your teen must pass as a part of every states licensing program. These will include vision tests, written tests and in most cases a driving test. Helping your teen prepare for a passing grade on these tests will not only assist them in obtaining a drivers license but will give you an opportunity to assure they are learning the correct ways to become a safe and defensive driver.

  • Vision tests- these are conducted at the DMV office and are designed to assure your teenager can see well enough to be a safe driver.
  • Written test- Each states testing process varies and you may find more detailed information but looking up your state on the homepage under testing by state. While the length of the test, proper passing score and even the design of the test itself may differ, in all cases the information found in test questions is generated from the State Drivers Handbook and can be found in the cheat sheets offered for your state. The test will consist of test questions based on traffic laws, rules and regulations for your state as well as test their ability to correctly identify traffic signs.
  • Driving Test- In most states new drivers under the age of 21 must take a driving test in addition to the written and vision testing process. This test is designed to evaluate your teen’s ability to control a vehicle properly, their use of safety equipment and their ability to obey traffic laws on the road.

Preparing for the written test

As a parent you are involved in your child’s schooling and most likely have assisted them in studying for school tests or finals in the past. The written test is designed similar to many of the tests found in schools and it is equally as important that you are involved in the study for preparation. In most cases your teen will be required to take two separate written tests. One will be administered when applying for a learner’s permit and the other after they have satisfied state requirements and are returning for a restricted license.

The first step is to assist your child in obtain the proper study materials needed to pass. The State DMV handbook for your area can be found online at your DMV website in PDF format or in hard copy offered at no charge. To obtain a hard copy visit your local DMV branch office. In addition, help your child to acquire your states cheat sheets, filled with all of essential information needed to pass the written test and become a safe driver.

You will also benefit from obtaining the practice tests available to help you as a parent gage your child’s learning and assure they are fully prepared for testing. Comprehensive bundle packs contain both cheat sheets and practice tests and are available for your specific state. Be sure to acquire your state specifically as each states law and processes vary.

In addition to cheat sheets and practice tests, many articles such as this one are full of helpful tips and hints for each state of the process from what to expect on your first DMV to Driving with a Learners Permit. Reading through these articles together will teach both you and your teen driver the skills necessary to fulfill this licensing process with ease.

Check with your state to discover the driver’s education requirements as well. In many states your child will be require to either be currently enrolled in drivers education at the time you apply for a learners permit or have completed the course with a passing grade. If your child must take drivers education you can help to reinforce what they learn in class that day by helping to re-read materials at home.

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