Applying for a Louisiana CDL – Endorsement P (Passenger) Liscense

by Joshua on July 25, 2014

Is a Commercial Driver’s License Right for You? Even though the state of the U.S. economy is somewhat dismal, there are areas that are still teeming with potential. One of these booming industries is the industry of transportation. No matter the state of the economic climate, businesses in all parts of the U.S. need to move their goods throughout the country and are willing to pay substantial amounts to do so. This license will give you the opportunity to travel while making a good living.

An interesting aspect of the CDL system is that you can apply for and become certified in different aspects of commercial driving. For example, The Endorsement P allows for the holder of the endorsement to transport 16 or more passengers including the driver. If you are looking for new job prospects in an exciting new field, then look no further and start your application for a Commercial Driver’s License!

How to Go About Acquiring Your CDL Class P Endorsement Liscense

Acquiring your CDL in Louisiana is not particularly difficult once you meet the minimum requirements. Your first step will be to get a CDL physical and in order to fulfill this requirement you and your examining physician must complete the Medical Examination form (Form DPSMV 2032), the CDL Physical Examination form (Form DPSMV 2219), and the Vision Examination form (Form DPSMV 2002). Bring this form along with a valid LA Driver’s License, proof of insurance for all personal vehicles, and a valid Social Security card and number to any third-party licensing office. Once you bring all three of these—and as long as you are at least 18 years of age—then you will have to complete the application and the supplemental application forms.

After you’ve paid the $15 application fee, you will be issued a CDL Instructional Permit. This permit allows you to practice with a CDL driver who has the respective license for which you are applying. The first test to pass is the General Knowledge Test , which is taken by all applicants regardless of the class of CDL for which they are applying. After this step has been completed, you can schedule appointments to take the general skills test and the Passenger Transport Test. The CDL skills test is consistent of three sections: a pre-trip inspection, basic controls, and a road skills test. The Passenger Transport is a requirement for you to receive your Endorsement P. After you have passed these skills test, then you can go back to the OMV office to have your CDL issued with your Endorsement P as well.

Paying For Your License and Endorsement

Getting your CDL can be considered a great investment for a variety of reasons but one that stands out is that it is not expensive to acquire! If done right, you won’t have to pay more than a couple hundred dollars. You will have to pay for a CDL physical but this cost will vary as the physician who does your exam determines it. The standard costs are as follows: $15 fee for the application, $100 for a Third Party Skills test (if you don’t provide your own vehicle, then you will need to pay extra to rent one), and $41 license fee (if you live in Orleans Parish, then this fee increases to $51). On top of these standard CDL costs you will only need to pay an extra $5 for your Endorsement P with a potential parish fee of only $3.

  1. Resources

If you are new to the field of commercial driving, then you might not know what resources are available to you as a new driver! If you need more information on any other Endorsements that are possible within the state of Louisiana, then you should check out the official website for the Office of Motor Vehicles for the State of Louisiana. Also, to learn any general federal requirements for applying for a CDL then go to the official website for the U.S. Department of Transportation.

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