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Massachusetts Driver's License Written Test

Study Material Available offers a variety of options to help you easily prepare for and pass the Massachusetts Driver's License Written Test.
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The Massachusetts DMV Cheat Sheet is a downloadable, immediately accessible 3-4 page reference guide featuring the top 50 questions and answers to help you easily pass your Massachusetts driving written test.
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The Massachusetts DMV Online Practice Test lets you immediately review over 100 multiple choice questions and answers similar to those you will come up against when taking the Massachusetts DMV exam. Our practice tests cover every chapter of the MA DMV manual including rules of the road, traffic signals, laws, signs and safety.
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English, Spanish, Korean, Japanese and more.
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The Massachusetts DMV Cheat Sheet & Online Practice Test Bundle is the most complete and easiest way to prepare for your DMV test. You get our downloadable, printable 3-4 page cheat sheet to take with you to review as well as our online practice test system, featuring 100 multiple choice questions and answers similar to those you will come up against when taking the Massachusetts DMV exam. Our study material cover every chapter of the MA DMV manual including rules of the road, traffic signals, laws, signs and safety.
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English, Spanish, Korean, Japanese and more.

New Drivers License in Massachusetts

Which license is for you?

Driving in the state of Massachusetts requires each resident to complete the licensing process and obtain a digital drivers license card through the state Registry of Motor Vehicles. License types depend mainly on which type of vehicle you intend to operate in the state and include:

  • Class A, B and C licenses are designed for those who are planning to operate a specific type of vehicle for a living within the state. The Class C license is the main commercial license for those intending to operate a bus transporting 16 or more passengers.
  • The Class D license allows residents to operate a vehicle for personal use on public roads. This is license obtained by all new drivers’ license applicants. Minors under age must first obtain and drive with a Class D permit.
  • Any type of recreational vehicle with two or three wheels, off-road vehicles and motorcycles require a Class M license.

What are the requirements for getting a license?

You must meet age requirements in order to apply for a new driver’s license The minimum age for a new Class D license is 16 years, after having successfully fulfilled all of the requirements for a Class D learners permit. All of the required documents for each age group must be originals and contain a matching, full legal name. The document requirements you will need depend on your age at the time of application.

For New Drivers between 16 and 18 years old:

  • One document proving your age and identity.
  • Your social security card is required at the time of application.
  • Parent consent signature must be on the driver’s license application.

For New Drivers over the age of 18 you will need:

  • One document proving date of birth and identity and one additional document proving your signature.
  • One document proving Massachusetts residency. Note: All drivers currently holding an out-of-state license must apply for a state license after they have established permanent residency.
  • Social security card or an equivalent document proving legal presence must be presented on the day of testing and application.

In addition, all applicants regardless of age will be required to complete the following during the license process:

  • Pass the mandatory Vision screening
  • Take a photograph
  • Pay the appropriate license fees of $50 dollars

Minors between 16 ½ and 18 years old will be applying for Junior License privileges and have some additional requirements above those required for new applicants which include:

  • Driving with a valid learners permit for a minimum of 6 months and completing the required practice time of 40 hours before taking the road test portion of application.
  • Successfully complete the driver education program which entails 30 hours of classroom study, and the Drivers training which involves at least six hours of instruction behind the wheel with an approved instructor.

What tests do I need to take to get a license?

  • A learners Permit test is required during the application process. This is a 25 question written test on topics specific to safe driving. Applicants must answer 18 test questions correctly in 25 minutes or less to pass.
  • The Final written exam must be completed before drivers can take the road test. This will also be a timed test consisting of questions concerning safe driving, traffic laws and proper driving procedures. Identifying traffic signs and signals will also be on the test.
  • The road test is completed either through the driver education school or by appointment with a licensed RMV examiner. Appointments can be made online through or by calling your local full service branch. Due to close scheduling you must not be late for your test or you will be asked to reschedule.

Taking a Drivers Education course

All new drivers under the age of 18 are required to complete an approved driver’s education program administered through a school or private licensed company in order to receive a license. Students may also take the drivers test portion of the application process through the course, using the schools vehicle saving time and hassle. Certificate of complete is sent electronically from the school after successful completion and will be on file at the RMV. A parent or guardian must participate in two hours of the driver’s education program in order to complete the course.

Preparing for the written test

You will have exactly 25 minutes to completely answer 25 multiple choice questions, allowing only one minute average per question so it is critical to study before attempting this exam. There are a few excellent materials that can be used in preparation including the RMV Drivers Handbook, Cheat sheets specifically designed for both the learners permit test and Final Exam: available at

Practice tests are also available for both tests in the process. Take as many as possible, using a timer set for the 25 minute time found on the actual test to assure you are ready to test under pressure.

Scheduling an appointment

An appointment can be made for the road test in advance. All other business is on a walk-in basis only.

What to bring on test day

  • All of the required documents to prove identity, age and legal presence.
  • A social security card must be on hand to present.
  • Applicants over 18 will need to bring proof of Massachusetts residency.
  • Applicants under 18 will need written parental consent and a signature of parent or guardian on the application.
  • Any corrective lenses or contacts needed to pass the vision test.
  • The appropriate fee of $50 for a license in a check, cash or money order.

Cost of drivers test

There are several fees associated with receiving your license including:

  • A $20 charge for the road test applies to all who are required to take the test.
  • There a flat charge of $50 for all new license applicants and this includes the first attempt at the road test.

Taking the Driving Test

The road test can be done through the driver’s education school that you have taken the course during the final portion of class or by scheduling an appointment with the RMV in advance. On the day of testing you must bring a completed road test application, signed by a parent or guardian, your valid permit and a sponsor must accompany you. In addition, you must provide a safe, registered vehicle if you are testing through the RMV that has the minimum insurance requirements. You may use the schools vehicle if testing with the driver’s education program.

During testing, the examiner will give you directions to prove you are in full control of the vehicle and can properly operate it on roadways. This may include such actions as using hand signals, turn signals and your ability to work safety equipment. Safety equipment includes seat belts and windows wipers as well as mirrors. Your posture and hand position will also cost you points if not properly executed so be sure you are aware of operating rules. In addition, your ability to follow traffic laws, execute maneuvers on the road and read traffic signs will be tested.

Taking the Written test

Junior drivers between the ages of 16 and 18 applying for a learners permit must take the learners permit test and pass by answering 18 out of 25 multiple choice test questions correctly in a 25 minute time frame. The test will consist of materials found in the Drivers handbook and through detailed cheat sheet. It is important that new drivers prepare by using the learners permit cheat sheets and practice tests because many of the permit test questions related directly to young drivers. This may include topics such as drinking and driving and the use of electronic devices on the road.

A final written exam must be passed for all new drivers to complete the application process and be granted permission to take the final road test. The test must also be completed in 25 minutes and with 18 test questions correctly. This test will cover all the material found in the Drivers Manual, and cheat sheets for the final testing process. All new drivers under the age of 18 must pass the final exam and road test in order to receive a license.

Renewing your Massachusetts Drivers license

How do I renew my MH License?

All drivers wishing to continue the driving privilege in Massachusetts are responsible for renewing their license by its expiration date. The RMV no longer mails renewal notices so it will be the sole responsibility of the driver to check the licenses renewal date and perform the process. Driver’s licenses are good for five years, expiring on the driver’s birthday. For first time licenses only, the expiration date is five years from the date it was issued.

If your license photo is less than 9 years old and was taken after your 21rst birthday you may qualify to renew online. Otherwise applicants must renew in person at an RMV branch. Online renewals may be done every other renewal date or once in a ten year period.

  • Each driver is required to retake the vision screening at the time of renewal, as well as new photograph.
  • The RMV will attempt to confirm your social security in the system six months before its expiration date. If it cannot be confirmed you will be expected to provide your card at the time of renewal.

What is the cost to renew my license?

The cost to renew a license in Massachusetts is $50 and is due every five years.

Steps to renew your license

  • Visit your RMV branch up to one year prior to expiration.
  • Present your current license to the Clerk.
  • If information could not be confirmed in the system you must show the required proofs in order to be renewed. This may include your identity, social security card or residency status.
  • Pass the vision exam and retake a new photo.
  • Pay the renewal fee of $50 and receive a temporary license.