DMV Test Questions and Answers for the Massachusetts DMV

by Joshua on September 25, 2013

Each new driver wishing to operate any type of motor vehicle on public roads in the state of Massachusetts must complete the licensing process This includes new teen and adult drivers and those wishing to receive an upgraded license such as any type of Commercial Drivers License or motorcycle. The privilege of driving is granted to those that can show the Department of Motor Vehicles they have obtained the proper amount of knowledge and practice needed to be a safe driver on roadways.

The licensing process includes several phases beginning with the application and documentation process. During this phase drivers must provide proper proofs to the DMV of age, identity and citizenship status. Once documentation has been satisfied the new driver applicant will be allowed to continue on the testing phase of licensing. During this phase the driver will show the DMV they have studied important information require for safe and legal vehicle operation and they posses the ability to safely control a vehicle. The testing process includes a vision screening, written test and road skills exam and each must be passed in order to receive a license.

The vision screening is the first test a new applicant must pass and will assure the DMV that the driver can safely see to operate a vehicle. Once this test has been passed successfully, the driver will begin the written and road test phase of licensing. New drivers will take the written test twice during the process including when applying for a learners permit and then again during the final testing. In addition, drivers changing to a different class license such as a CDL will also take the test at the same steps. The road test is the final portion of the licensing process and cannot be scheduled until the written test has been passed.

The Written Drivers Test

Though the written test questions will vary depending on the class of license, the test is a multiple choice exam consisting of the important information a new driver needs to know to safely operate a motor vehicle on roadways. The learners permit test consists of 25 multiple choice questions and applicants must correctly answer 18 test questions to pass. The final written test also consists of 25 multiple choice questions but the test is timed. Applicants are given 25 minutes to complete the test, giving the driver approximately one minute to answer each question correctly, creating an additional challenge for testing.

The test will consist of such topics as rules of the road, traffic laws, signals and signs as well as their proper uses. These test questions are generated randomly so no two tests are ever similar. Information found on the written test may also include such aspects as drinking and driving laws and right of way. Each license class will take a specific written test based on the class they are applying for with specific laws and operation information necessary to be a safe driver.

Passing the Written Drivers Test

There are many materials available for new drivers to assist with the written test and obtaining this information is essential to passing on the first try. Applicants should begin with the Drivers Handbook which can be obtaining in hard copy at the DMV office, online in written PDF format and in audio format as well. The handbook contains all of the information that will be found in the test and is used as the basis for randomly generated questions.

Cheat sheets found at offer an excellent resource for proper study. Cheat sheets are generated based on the information found on the written test and are designed to help the applicant focus on the value materials needed to receive a passing score. In addition, many articles can be used to further prepare for the actual testing process, the DMV test day and how to properly study.

The timed test presents challenges to those that struggle with written tests so it is essential for all new drivers to obtain and use practice tests. The practice tests found on use a timer similar to the one used during the actual written test so that applicants can practice taking the timed test. Practice tests will notify the student if they are fully prepared for a passing score or if more study is needed. Students should continue taking the practice tests until the correct score can be produced before taking the actual written test.

Some sample questions that may be found on the actual written test can be found both online and the Massachusetts DMV website. Some examples of test questions may include:

  1. Though signs are posted with a speed limit, drivers should stay in a speed that is safe for road conditions. Special conditions that should be considered include:
  • Traffic conditions including the amount of drivers on the road
  • Weather conditions such as rain, snow and fog
  • The presence of pedestrians and cyclists
  • None of the above
  • All of the above
  1. A driver may legally turn left on a red light if:
  • There is a solid red light and traffic is clear
  • A flashing red light is present and traffic is clear
  • Any time a no turn on red sign is not present
  • When a solid red arrow is present and there is no traffic
  1. When approaching a four way intersection where each area has a stop sign, the right of way is given to:
  • The first driver to reach the stop sign
  • When the driver turning right reaches the sign first
  • The right of way should always be given to the vehicle to the right
  • Whoever can stop faster and begin to drive
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