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First Time Drivers

New drivers under 21 must complete a period of supervised driving under New Jersey’s graduated driver license program. Visit our New Jersey Learner’s Permit section for more information on obtaining your license for the first time.

If you are 21 or older, you can get your license by passing three phases:

  • Pass your written test (p.s. use the $CSLINK), vision test, pay the fee and bring the docs you need.
  • Practice driving for three months
  • Get a provisional license to drive supervised
  • Practice driving for a year and then you get your license

Moving To New Jersey

If you are moving to New Jersey, are over 18 and have a valid out-of-state license from any of the 50 states or DC, only a vision test is required. The vision and road test is not required. You need to visit any MVC agency with your current license the the proper legal documents showing name, age and residency. You can view the complete list of required docs in the $CSLINK or online on the MVC website.

If you are under 18, regardless of a license, you must complete the graduated driver license program explained in the New Jersey Learner’s Permit section or online.

Required Documentations For A New Jersey Driver’s LIcense

New Jersey has a unique 6-point ID verification system. The system sounds more complicated than it is. You simply need to select different documents to bring based on a chart the DMV provides. Each document is worth a different amount. The easiest way to figure this all out is with the $CSLINK. You can also view all the information you need online at the MVC website.

What To Expect

If you are a first time driver, you need to pass a vision, written and road test to obtain a New Jersey driver’s license. You can schedule your road test online by clicking here.

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