Obtaining A Georgia Driver’s License

To obtain a driver license in Georgia you must be at least 16 years old. A valid learner’s license must be held for one year and a day from the date of issuance. If you are new to Georgia, you must apply for a driver’s license within 30 days of becoming a resident. All customer service stations can transfer your license. You will be required to surrender your out of state license. If you do not yet have a license, you will need to get your learner’s permit and pass a state approved driver’s education course.

Moving To Georgia

If you have a license that is valid or has been expired for less than 2 years, you can transfer that license if you are at least 18 years old. You will need to have your out-of-state license, social security number, proof of Georgia residency, identity, age and citizenship to get your license. A complete list of acceptable documents can be found online or in the $CSLINK.

Under 18 With A Valid License

If you are under 18 but transferring from another state with a valid license, call 678-413-8400 for specific information. Standard requirements include:

  • driving record from issuing state
  • certificate of attendance form DS-1
  • if 16, completion of GA driver’s education course
  • completion of GA written and road exams
  • social security number


A Class C license costs $20 and is valid for 5 years. A provisional class D license, which is required for those learning to drive, costs $10 and is valid for 2 years.

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