Why do 70% fail their DMV test? The Tests are TRICKY!

by Joshua on September 19, 2012

This is part two in the “Why do 70% fail their DMV test?” series.

In part I of this series we discussed the “I know how to drive” complex that many of us suffer from. Simply put, many of us have been driving for years but due to a move or age we are forced to take the driving written test again. Very annoying.

We go in all cocky thinking we know all the rules and laws and BAMEPIC FAIL. We simply didn’t realize that we only use about 20% of what we had to learn to get our license and a refresher of sorts is required.

Tricky Tests

This brings us to the second reason a lot of people fail, and a common complaint we hear from people taking our tests, the tests are tricky! What exactly do I mean by that? Consider this question from the California DMV written exam material:

When can you pass a vehicle on the right?

  • a. Driver ahead of you is turning left
  • b. On a highway with two or more lanes traveling in your direction
  • c. If you are blocked or unable to pass on the left
  • d. When it is safe to do so
  • e. a and b
  • f. c and d
  • g. All of the Above

You may lok at this and think – WOO – that’s confusing. EXACTLY!!! The question seems so simple but the choices make you go hmmmmm.

The first one seems to make sense. If the drive ahead is turning left you can pass on the right. The second one is a bit confusing. A highway with two or more lanes traveling in your direction – so if I am in the right hand lane on that highway can I pass? No. BUt if I am in the left lane I can right? The third one makes sense too – if I am blocked on the left, pass on the right. Finally, you have what appears to be the no-brainer – when it’s safe. So it’s D right?

Well why is the test asking me if it might be a & b or c & d? And what about All of the Above? Could that be it? They all seem like they might be right.

You can see from this example that even the simplest of questions can make you doubt yourself. The driving written test isn’t designed to breeze through – it’s designed to force you to stop, think, doubt and answer.

Practice Is The Best Medicine

If the question and logic above seems tricky, you need to be prepared. Imagine TWENTY DMV questions just like the one above. How stressed our would you be at the DMV!? How bad would you feel if you FAIL the DMV test cause of it?

So what to do? Practice. We offer a ton of practice tests on our site here – https://www.dmvcheatsheets.com/dmv/practice_tests including free practice tests for every state. Take the free tests, see how you do and decide if you are ready or need some more practice.

Also, read the manual. It might seem crazy and annoying but knowing the right answer is much easier than spending an hour at the DMV doubting yourself on every question!

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to get your learner’s permit, drivers license, motorcycle license or commercial license, you need to be prepared. Go take the tests and you’ll do great.

Oh, the answer for the above is E btw. Did you get it right?

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