Why do 70% fail their DMV test? "The I Know How To Drive" Complex

It’s true. Statistically speaking 70% of all people taking their driving written test fail their first time. The failures aren’t all for teenagers getting their learner’s permits, it’s mostly for those of us with years of driving under our belt (pardon the pun). Why? In this three part series we will explore what happens and how to fix it!

Reason One: The “I know how to drive” Complex

This is the most common and most frustrating reason people fail. You’ve been driving your entire life. In fact, you can’t remember NOT knowing how to drive. You learned so long ago that you aren’t sure if a horse and buggy were involved. So you will be damned if the DMV makes you take a test on what you already know – how to drive!

But you’ve moved to another state or you are at an age where a retest is required and you find yourself having to take the driving written test. You’re annoyed you have to even show up, you glance at the handbook while waiting to be called, only to pass the time, and then BAM!! What the heck is THAT question? What do you mean “How far out is an object allowed to project from the rear of a moving vehicle before an indicator device is required?” Are they serious? And what’s this about showing me street signs I’ve never seen in my life without the words and asking me what they mean!? ARGHHHHH!!

What we use on a day-to-day basis is maybe 20% of what is asked on the written test. The questions and answers to the test seem foreign, simply because you haven’t known them for so many years. You set it in your brain long ago and forgot it.

So What Do I do?

We’ll you are on a site that specializes in quickly and easily preparing people for their written test, so we are obviously going to tell you you need a driving study guide, like the ones we feature here. These guides were created in 2007 because the founder of the company moved from CA to NC and (almost) failed his test because of the “I Know How To Drive” complex! So pick one up – it’s only 10 bucks, you can read it while waiting at the DMV, it covers the main points AND includes a page dedicated to the scary street signs.

The other thing you can do is test yourself. You don’t need to pay to do this, just go to something like https://www.dmvcheatsheets.com/dmv/practice_tests and take some free tests. If you pass, then get the “cheat sheet” and head to the DMV. If you don’t you might want to purchase the complete online test drivers test package. It’s a one time fee (unlike our competitors who time limit your access) and you learn by doing.

Of course, there is also the manual. It’s long and boring but important that you know. Definitely worth looking over.

Go get prepared and have fun driving. Remember, driving is a privilege, not a right.

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