When Traveling Abroad, Do You Know How Much You Can Legally Drink and Still Drive?

by Lisa on May 30, 2019

In the United States, the DUI level for drinking and driving is .08%. That’s about two drinks for an average sized guy, one drink for smaller, lighter women. Utah is the one exception.

That fabulous state with loads of vacationers visiting lowered their drinking level to the lowest in the U.S. at .05%. That’s basically one drink for some, no drinks for lighter individuals. Those Mormons! Jeesh.

Here’s an article from Forbes which maps out country by country across the world the drinking requirements. This really only matters if you are renting a car. However, if you are renting a car, it REALLY matters. Prison isn’t something anyone has on their itinerary when traveling abroad.

Note: This map is actually incorrect about DUI levels in the U.S. They must have missed the news bleep that Utah decided to try and entrap tourists with expensive DUI fines.

Discovercarhire.com provides details, especially useful when traveling through Eastern Europe or Central America where laws can easily change within one car ride.

Interesting to look at, good info to have. Although, when driving abroad and possibly on a different side of the road than you’re used to, perhaps the best plan is cab it or walk when driving. Still……. Knowledge is power!

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