What is New on the California DMV Test for 2013?

by Joshua on May 17, 2013

What is New on the California DMV Test for 2013?

The newly written 2013 DMV test for California covers a broad range of topics from Traffic laws to vehicle information. It is important that you read through the 2013 Driver’s Handbook before taking your test, whether you are a new driver or renewing your license. The test now allows a new driver to miss up to 6 questions, and a renewal can only miss 3 before it is considered to be a failed test. So be sure to spend some extra study time while preparing. The following sections will assist you in knowing what areas to study more thoroughly so you may pass on the first try.

Laws Governing Alcohol Use, Driving While Under the Influence and Drunk Driving

With an increase in drunk driving over the past decade, and California’s new strict laws concerning alcohol use and motor vehicles, this topic is covered completely on the new DMV drivers test for 2013. Remember to understand the state laws, and know the consequences if caught driving while intoxicated. It is illegal in the state of California for any persons over the age of 21 to drive with a Blood Alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 percent.

Traffic Laws Covered on the DMV Test

The DMV drivers test for California will cover many types of traffic laws and test your knowledge of signals and signs on the road. Make yourself aware of these and other signs by studying the DMV handbook ahead of time:

Traffic Signals

Make yourself familiar with the types of traffic signals found at most intersections. Know the laws regarding red, yellow and green lights and turn signals. These include:

  • Red lights. Know when to stop, when you can safely make a turn and what they mean at a turn signal. There are several types of red lights at a left turn signal including flashing and solid red lights, and arrows.
  • Yellow Lights. Learn the traffic laws concerning solid and flashing yellow lights at an intersection and well as what you may do at a flashing yellow light in a left turn.
  • Green Lights. Learn how to safely handle a green light at an intersection and left turn lane.
  • Blackout Lights. Know what to do if you come across an intersection where the traffic light has gone out. This is usually due to a power outage in the area. Treat this as a normal four way stop.

Yielding and Intersections

Much of what is covered on the test will involve the laws centered on intersections. Know when you are obligated to yield, what to do when faced with an intersection that has no stop signs, traffic signals or yield signs. Pay attention to the how-to section when using a round-a-bout, including that you are supposed to yield to the left in this instance, while an intersection you yield to the right.

Signaling and Right of Way

For driving in both intersections and while on the road, familiarize yourself with safe signaling and when to yield your right of way to other drivers. You will find questions on the test regarding:

  • When to yield to coming traffic.
  • When and how to properly use your turn signals.
  • How to change lanes correctly.
  • Proper merging onto highways and freeways.
  • Use of lanes while on the freeway.

Do and Don’ts While Driving In California,

Questions on the test involving you and your vehicle in regards to law and the DMV itself will be covered and are important to know. Study the list of Do’s and Don’ts covered in the DMV handbook as you will find many of the tests questions come directly from this section. You will find some of the following topics on your DMV drivers test so read your material carefully:

  • Do not smoke with a minor in the vehicle at any time.
  • Do not allow a person to ride in the back of a pick up truck unless they are in proper seats with seat belts or transport any animals.
  • Do not operate a vehicle while using a cell phone or any other type of electronic device including blue tooth or GPS navigational tools.
  • Do not use your horn in excess.
  • Do turn off high beams when a motor vehicle approaches from the opposite direction.
  • Do assure you drive a safe distance behind a motorcycle and give motorcyclists the proper rights and respects as other drivers on the road.

Know the laws regarding reporting chances made to your vehicle. It is important to report any specified changes within five days, according to state law. This includes the sale or transfer of your vehicle to another person by sale or gift.

The use of your vehicles safety equipment will also be covered on the test. Know when to you use your three types of lights including fog, regular headlights and high beams and the laws surrounding their usage. You will also find questions regarding the use of windshield wipers and defogging. Also included on the test are questions regarding the usage of these items when it is rainy or in bad weather, and while in the road at nights.

Regardless of whether you are a new driver taking your test for the first time, or an experienced one simply renewing your California license, make sure you read over the new 2013 DMV Drivers handbook and familiarize yourself with the new aspects of driving recently added to your test. Make yourself aware of these laws will not only keep you safe on the road, it will assist you in assuring you pass the DMV test on the first try.

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