Tips for Passing Your Road Driver’s Test in Arizona

by Joshua on June 10, 2013
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When it comes time to take the road driver’s test in Arizona, 6 out of 10 people fail the first try according to the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles. Often, the reason for failure is lack of preparation for the test, so we have compiled some great tips to help you pass your test on the first try. In addition to our following steps, it would be useful to check out some study guides like the ones featured at to assure you will ace the test. There are several steps you can take in advance before the day of your road test that will assist you in receiving a passing score:

  • Be sure to get plenty of practice on the road before the date of your test. You should spend at least a total of 40 practice hours behind the wheel under the supervision of a licensed driver to assure you are confident in your ability.
  • Study your driver’s skills book an addition time the day before your test to review all signals and signs you may encounter on your test day. In addition, take a practice skills test from to assure you fully understand each sign and procedure.
  • Be sure to get a good nights sleep the evening before your test day. Sleepy drivers are not only a danger on the road but are more likely to assure a failing score.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast that morning so that you are mental and physically at your best for testing.

The Day of Your Road Driver’s Test

It will depend on the agency that you are using to take your road test whether or not you will be using one of the company’s testing vehicles or one of your own so be sure to find out ahead of time when you call to make your initial appointment. If you are using your own vehicle make sure that it will pass a safety inspection when you are at the testing facility, otherwise you will be turned away from testing until the car is up to standards. The tester will check for the following on your vehicle:

  • All outside mirrors are properly secured and in working condition. Rear View mirror is correctly attached and you are able to use it properly.
  • Seatbelts must be in good condition and working.
  • The vehicle is considered in “good” condition. For example, all doors and windows work correctly, the hood and trunk are properly secured and tires are in good condition.

Be sure to take the vehicle you will be testing with out for road practice at least twice before the testing so that you are sure you have a good handle on the vehicle ahead of time. Practice parallel parking your vehicle as this is the portion of the testing process most likely to cause students to fail.

Tips While on the Road during Testing

Do not turn on the vehicle until you are instructed to do so by the tester, this will result in an automatic failure of the test. Make any adjustments you need to the mirrors, seat and steering wheel to assure that you are as comfortable as possible and to reduce your blind spots while on the road. The test is usually short, requiring you to make several maneuvers while on the road including a left and right turn, changing lanes and following traffic signals and signs. The following tips will help you receive a passing score during the driving portion of this test:

  • Always signal when you are turning and changing lanes. Be sure that you physically check your blind spot before proceeding. Your tester will be expecting you to perform a physical head check of your blind spot before changing lanes so be sure you are prepared and do so. In addition, be sure to signal when pulling away from a curb.
  • Obey all speed limit and traffic signs. Driving too far over or under the speed limit will result in a failed test.
  • Watch out for other drivers on the road and be a defensive driver at all times. Be prepared for drivers to change lanes without a signal or cut suddenly in front of you. Also be wary of school buses and other public transportation while on the road. Remember you must stop for a school bus when it has on its flashing lights regardless of what lane you are in at the time. You must also pull over and yield to emergency vehicles.
  • Maintain control of your vehicle at all times. Do not gun the engine when accelerating and be sure to come to smooth, gradual stop at signals and stop signs. You must stay within the lines of your lane at all times and never cross over a solid yellow for any reason.
  • Obey all traffic signs and signals. Watch for the signs that a light is about to turn yellow or red to avoid any sudden stops, come to a complete stop when instructed to do so by a stop sign and follow the signs at left turn lights correctly.

The most important tip for passing your road driver’s test in Arizona on the first try is to stay calm. Take a deep breath and put yourself in the correct mind frame before getting behind the wheel.

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