The Secrets to Passing the DMV Test: Part 1

by Joshua on June 12, 2013

Static’s show that 4 out of 5 people that take the Department of Motor Vehicles Driver’s Written Test will fail the first time they take it. This is mainly due to a lack of preparation, organization and failure to properly study and practice before taking the test. It can be very discouraging to have to continue taking the same test and failing, and yet some people do not pass even the second and third time they take the written driver’s test. Do not let this statistic worry you though, if you are well organized and prepared and you study hard you will defiantly not be one of those people that have to come back repeated times in order to obtain their license. We have gathered some great secrets to successfully completing each step of the process, including passing the final written and road tests that will assure you receive a passing grade.

Passing your Written Test through the Department of Motor Vehicles

As mentioned, the Department of Motor Vehicles driver’s test is broken into three parts; the written test, road test and a vision test. This is the way the testing process is set up regardless of whether you are applying for your standard license, Commercial Driver’s License or CDL or your Chauffeurs License. The vision test is a short evaluation given at your local Department of Motor Vehicles branch and only takes a few minutes to complete. Be sure that if you wear glasses or contacts that you have them with you the day of your testing and that you have informed the Department of Motor Vehicles that you in fact will be wearing them when you drive. Failing to do so can result in you failing the vision test or in more extreme cases the denial of your license. In any case not wearing your glasses on the road is a serious safety hazard and puts you and other driver’s in danger. Once you have passed your vision test, you will be allowed to take the written portion of your testing. There are many things that you can do in order to assure that you pass the test on the first try.

  1. Study hard for your test. This is the number one thing that you can do in order to pass your written driver’s test. Each state has a driver’s manual that you can obtain at your Local Department of Motor Vehicles branch or online through the branch website. Each type of license has its own manual so be sure to chose the correct one to study. This booklet contains everything you need to know to be a safe driver, and all of the questions on the test come from the information within in. In addition to the manual, you can find resources online that can provide you with more information, tips and tricks and even practice tests to determine what areas you need to study more. A great source of this information is Some of the following information is most likely to be covered on the multiple choice test:
  • The rules and laws regarding alcohol and vehicles in your particular state. Each states law is different so be sure to study yours only.
  • Being a defensive and safe driver. Study this section in detail as many questions will cover this area. It includes scenarios that you might find on the test that include driving in adverse weather conditions, road rage, construction zones and other hazards on the road. In addition this section discusses driving with distractions such as cell phones, food and children.
  • Safety laws are discussed. You should know these in detail before testing. These include seatbelt laws, child safety seats and following rules on the road.
  • Memorize and understand the meaning of all road signs you will come across on the road. These include signs such as stop signs, yields, pedestrian crossings and rail road crossings. This section also discusses how to handle a round-a-bout as more states are beginning to use them.
  • Traffic signals and how you are to handle them are another important part of the test. Know what each light means, how to handle yellow and red lights, flashing lights and left turn signals. In addition you must know how to properly execute a left turn at an intersection.

Preparing for Test Day

Be sure to use a checklist so that you bring everything you need with you the day of testing including:

  • Your Photo Id
  • A birth certificate and social security card
  • If under 18, your proof of completion for driver’s education class
  • A check for the fees if your state has them
  • If you wear glasses or contacts you will need them to test.

Be sure to get a good night sleep the night before you test so that you will be alert and ready to pass. Eat a well balanced breakfast as well so you are ready to get your license on the first try. Get in some extra studying the night before you test as well and if possible take a practice test from so that you know your areas of weakness and can study extra in these sections. Avoid distractions when testing including your cell phone. Place it on silent before you begin so that you can concentrate fully on the questions.

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