Testing For Your Driver's License In Colorado

by Joshua on January 17, 2014

The first step to obtaining your drivers license in Colorado is to master the Division of Motor Vehicles or DMV’s driver’s license test. The driver’s license test has two portions the written exam and the road skills. Many people believe that getting your drivers license can be a long and arduous task but it reality it can be quite simple if you are prepared. You know what they say “Practice makes perfect” and it is true, practicing and studying as often as you can before you plan on taking either part of your driver’s license test or even applying. There are many requirements you must meet when you are applying for your state driver’s license before you can move onto either testing phase.

Application requirements

The application requirements for your Colorado State Drivers License may vary by area so be sure to check into them at your local Division of Motor Vehicles Office. When applying for your license you may need to provide the following documents or requirements-

  • Be at least 21 years of age for an adult first time license
  • Pass a vision screening test
  • Provide proof of residency
  • Proof of social security number and citizenship
  • Obtain a Colorado instruction driving permit

The Written Exam

Once you have successfully applied for your Colorado state driver’s license you are free to move on to the next step to obtaining your license which is the general knowledge test or written exam portion. The written exam may seem like the most intimidating part of the license application process and many people fail simply because they are unprepared. The Colorado state driver’s license test revolves around multiple choice questions that span various aspects of subjects covered in the drivers manual. The tests are taken on a computer or with an actual paper copy and you must pass with an 85% or more. Despite having the driver’s manual and reading front to back many people find that are ill prepared for the written exam because they were not able to fully absorb the material. The questions on the test are usually randomized so that no two tests are the same preventing cheaters and onlookers to gather an answer base. This makes is difficult to come up with a fool proof way to study for the driver’s license test.

Studying For The Drivers License Written Exam

Alternative studying methods have been found to enhance your confidence as well as your knowledge and coverage of the materials making it easier for you to pass the drivers license test the first time you take it. There are many online resources that make studying for your driver’s license test easier and more enjoyable. This website as has a multitude of practice tests and answer keys that allow you to get instant access to the answers. You can use practice tests to measure the progress of your studying and knowledge so far and determine whether you are ready to take the drivers license test or if you need to devote more time to studying. The practice tests are fashioned similarly to what the actual Colorado drivers license test would be like, with a variety of multiple choice tests you can take and test yourself on, studying just got a whole lot easier and more convenient

Example Practice Test and Answer Key

  1. Practice Test

1.) If you are pulling onto a roadway or highway from a private street or driveway you must yield to all vehicles except which of these?

A. Trucks and Semi’s
B. Through Traffic
C. Emergency Vehicles
D. You must yield to all vehicles

2.) In which situation can you legally block an intersection?

A. If the intersection light was green when you entered it.
B. If the light had just turned yellow when you entered the intersection.
C. You can not block an intersection at any time legally.
D. Rush hour traffic if you are stuck in the intersection after the light turns red

3.) If your vehicle should start to skid or hydroplane which of the following sets of actions should you perform right away?

A. Press the break hard while turning the steering wheel in the direction you want the vehicle to go.
B. Stay off the break and turn the steering wheel in the direction you do not wish to go.
C. Stay on the break and turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction of which you want the vehicle to go.
D. Stay off the break and turn the steering wheel in the direction of which you want the vehicle to go.

4.) When you are parking on a hill and your vehicle is facing up the hill, which direction if any should you turn the front wheels?

A. To the left
B. To the right
C. Either Way
D. Straight

5.) In which of the following situations is it ok to use the vehicle’s horn?

A. To alert a car that they are going to run a red light.
B. To let someone know that you are angry.
C. To prevent an accident from happening.
D. To alert another car or bicyclist you are close to their bumper.

The Road Skills Test

After you have completed the written exam successfully and received a passing grade of 85% or more you will be allowed to take the road skills portion of the exams. It is possible that your local testing facility will make you call ahead or come back another day to schedule a driving test. The test will consist of you driving an approved course or road way system with a test facilitator judging and grading your ability to control the vehicle safely on the roadway and obey safety and traffic laws at appropriate times.

Answer Key:

1.) D
2.) C
3.) D

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