Passing your Nevada CDL Class C License Test for Hazardous Materials

by Joshua on October 07, 2014

To drive a commercial vehicle carrying hazardous waste, a special driver’s license is required in the state of Nevada. This driver’s license is called a CDL , but you also need this special endorsement when your plan includes working for a company that carries hazardous materials inside. Luckily most people will find applying for a Nevada CDL driver’s license an easy, simple, and worthwhile task.

Who can Get a CDL/ Hazardous Material Endorsement License?

In order to obtain a CDL with hazardous material endorsement in the state of Nevada it is necessary that an individual be at least 18 years of age, and currently hold a valid driver’s license. All drivers must have a clean driving record that is free of infractions to be granted the special license. Additionally, there are certain criminal convictions that will prevent the CDL from being obtained. This includes, but is not limited to, kidnapping, treason, rape, and murder. To obtain the additional endorsement of hazardous operation, you must be at least 21 years of age.

Like the regular driver’s license, there is a test that must be completed in order to receive a CDL. There are actually three tests; a driver’s test that ensures that you can operate a commercial vehicle, a skills test, and a special skills test for the endorsement to carry hazardous material. There are fees associated with these tests.

Applying for the CDL in Nevada

To apply for a Class C CDL with Hazardous Material endorsement , an individual must complete an application at the local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office during normal business hours. This must be done in person if you are applying for a CDL for the first time. There are special circumstances for those who are already CDL endorsed but have moved from another state.

You must have a physical performed before the day of your DMV testing. This physical must be taken every three years, if you plan to continue operating a commercial vehicle. Once you obtain the physical you will be given a health card. This card must be carried in the vehicle at all times, and certifies that you can safely operate a vehicle carrying hazardous material.

The class ‘C’ CDL allows a commercial driver to operate a vehicle with 16 passenger or more. This vehicle can be any that does not meet the definitions of a Class A or a Class B vehicle. This includes a vehicle that weighs more than 26,001 pounds (Class A) or a vehicle that is used to tow other vehicles and weighs 26,001 pounds or more (Class B).

Training for CDL

Chances are you will want to prepare before going to the DMV to apply for your CDL. It is necessary that you understand how to properly, and safely, operate a commercial vehicle, as well as perform the necessary inspections and other tasks that come along with operating a vehicle of this magnitude. Many truck driving classes are available to help you learn all of the skills you will need to be successful, and you can also get firsthand experience to help guide you in your new career.

If you opt not to take these classes, studying the DMV handbook before taking the test is something that you will want to do well. Most people recommend that you take one of the CDL training classes, but again, this is not a requirement. You should also consider hands-on training if you decide not to take the special instruction offered for those who want to earn a CDL.

The application cost for a Nevada CDL is $141.25. In addition to this fee, there is a cost of $111.25 for the knowledge tests and an additional $17.25 for the (H) endorsement to be added. The fee for the driving test is $30.00, and another $3.25 for the photo ID to accompany the ID. All fees must be paid at the time that the test is administered. If you fail the test, these fees must be repaid.

Hazmat Requirements

In addition to taking and passing knowledge exams and a driving test, any individual in the state of Nevada wishing to operate a vehicle carting hazardous material must also have a background check performed, as well as be fingerprinted. This is a requirement per the U.S. Patriot Act. You must meet these requirements once the CDL has been obtained. You must request the check from the TSA, Transportation Security Administration. You will need to provide the TSA with proof of your US legal status, proof of identity and your CDL number. Once this is granted, a fingerprinting is performed.

Once you obtain a CDL class C license with hazmat endorsement, the permit is good for a period of eight years, so long as the other requirements of holding a CDL license are met.

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