New Laws for 2016 That You Need to Know

Effective January 1, 2016, new laws will be in effect across the United States. Some of these laws may find their way into the DMV written tests, and ignorance of these laws may deliver drivers an expensive ticket. This year, as is the case in many years, CA leads the pack in new legislation.

Here’s a state by state run down of the new driving laws effective January 1.


Hoverboard Rules

Gov. Jerry Brown just signed new legislation that makes it illegal for those under the age of 16 to ride hoverboards on public roadways. Those 16 and over can still ride a hover board on public roadways, but helmets are required, and hover boards can only be used on roadways with speed limits of 35 mph or less. Reflectors and lights are required to be driven at night. Sidewalk rules will be determined by local municipalities.

Driverless Cars

Sorry Google but driverless cars must have drivers. Let’s see exactly how miffed Google is about this and whether or not they consider picking up and moving to another state because that would really be a blow to CA legislators.

New Alerts: Silver and Yellow

A new message on freeway boards will be “Silver Alert” and it will communicate when a senior citizen has gone missing. Yellow alerts will notify drivers of a nearby hit and run accident that resulted in death or serious injury.

Child Safety Seats

Effective January 1, children must be in rear-facing car seats until the age of 2 in CA. Previously, the required age for rear facing car seats was until age 1. This law will not be enforced until January 2017, as time must be given to manufacturers to make rear facing car seats large enough to accommodate children over the age of 1.

“Any Vehicle”

Language requiring a “passenger vehicle” to move over and let vehicles pass if 5 or more cars are backed up behind the slow moving vehicle is being changed to “any vehicle” so it also includes bicycles. This means a bicycle on the side of the road must pull over and let vehicles pass if vehicles are stuck behind the bicycle on the road.

Earbuds and Headsets

Now it is illegal for a person to wear earbuds or headsets that cover the ears while driving a vehicle or a bicycle.


Higher fees

DMV fees are going up effective January 1.


Higher Fees

Fees are also being increased in the Tar Heel state. The DMV web site will go off line at 9 pm January 31 to implement the fee increases.


Buckle Up

Fines for not wearing a seat belt are now $25 for the first offense and $50 for a second offense.

Drunk Drivers Beware

Electronic ankle bracelets can now be used on those convicted or charged with drinking and driving and has been in a severe accident.

License Renewal Extended

License renewal period has been extended to 8 years effective January 1. The license renewal period was previously five years in TN.

Here’s your FREE DMV question and answer. FREE DMV Question (answer at bottom of page):

You see a pedestrian with a white cane at the corner ready to cross the street. The person takes a step back and pulls in his cane. You should:

A – Stop and then proceed through the intersection because the person is not ready to cross

B – Stop your vehicle for a minimum of six feet from the crosswalk and wait for the person to cross the street

C – Honk your horn to let the person know when to cross the street

Answer at bottom of page. Happy New Year!


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New Laws Make the Roads Safer for All

FREE DMV Question and Answer: B is the correct answer.

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