Key Tactics To Obtaining Your Georgia CDL Class A License

by Joshua on December 05, 2014

Although the life of a truck driver requires substantial time on the road and away from home, the benefits of the career can prove to be lucrative. Majority of individuals that choose a career in truck driver reap the benefit of good pay with the addition of bonuses. Starting out as a driver you can make close to $40,000 and the top 10% can make close to $60,000. Being a truck driver also provides flexibility in the driver’s schedule. Although traveling a lot of time, drivers are able to determine certain weeks when they will be on the road to plan for vacations, holidays, or just a few simple weeks of relaxation.
Another pro to truck driving is a change of scenery. Most jobs consist of the same setting everyday, which can easily get boring. However, drivers are privileged to have opportunities to drive cross-country and a lot of beautiful scenery. Lots of drivers use the opportunity to spend time with their family. A lot of trucks have a bed equipped in the cab of the truck, so a spouse or child can join along on the drive. Some couples even make it a team effort. Both spouses can have their proper licensing and both drive. Such a plan makes the trip faster because as one drives, the other can sleep and vice versa. Faster deliveries are rewarded with special bonuses, sometimes equaling to up to $100,000 a year.

Know the Driver Requirements

However, what is required to become a truck driver? Well, in order to operate such a large vehicle, a particular type of license is needed. The Class A CDL license allows an individual to operate very large vehicles such as tractor-trailers, semi trucks, and busses. Getting a CDL license does have several factors to it though. In the state of Georgia in particular, there are certain stipulations and steps that have to be completed in order to obtain the license.

The process for getting a CDL in Georgia is not too excruciating. It will require studying, testing, and the payment of fees; but all in all, it should be a fairly easy process for most. First and foremost, anyone applying for a Georgia Class A CDL license should already have a valid Georgia driver’s license in his or her possession. In addition, they must also be at least 18 years old. Fortunately, individuals between the ages of 18 and 21 are able to get the license; however, they are only permitted to driving vehicles that need a Class A CDL license holder in the state of Georgia. Once the license holder turns 21, the limitation can be raised.

Study the Manual

Once it is clear that the basic age and license requirement is satisfied, it is time to look into the paperwork. Just like with a driver’s license, there is a manual to study to prepare the applicant for the required tests. The manual can be picked up at any of the customer service centers for the Department of Driver Services. Be sure to study the material thoroughly. Some individuals even take CDL driving classes to teach them the information and to practice on the road in actual trucks. Doing so is a great idea to become familiar with the vehicle to help keep nervousness under control when taking the actual test. There is a $35 application fee that must be included when submitting the application. There is also a $10 permit fee that must be paid prior to taking the exams. The written knowledge exam is the first of the series of tests. If the written knowledge exam is passed, then the $10 fee that was paid then applies to the instructional permit. If the written exam is not passed, the $10 fee is then applied as a testing fee.

Take the Test

Individuals that feel that they are ready to take the exam can do so at any exam station/customer service center. They are open Tuesday through Saturday, 8:00am to 6:00pm. Any individual planning on taking the test has to start it by 5:15pm, or come back the next day. Once the applicant completes the written test, then it is time for the road test. Unlike the written test, the road tests are only available at certain exam stations (Albany, Between, Brunswick, Dalton, Gainesville, Jackson, Milledgeville and Thomson) and must set an appointment to take the test.

A Class A CDL license can definitely be a benefit to have. It allows individuals to drive large vehicles at work, busses, and always gives anyone possessing the license a backup career as a truck driver. Any person interested in obtaining the license should be sure to study, study, study. Driving such a large vehicle can be dangerous and it is important to be comfortable driving such a massive machine, so it is vital to be prepared for test.

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