July 4th 2016: Code Red Traffic

by Lisa on June 29, 2016

Get Ready. Experts are forecasting: The. Worst. Traffic. Ever.

Low gas prices are expected to fuel more cars on the road this July 4th than ever before. According to AAA, almost 43 million Americans will be on the roads between Thursday, June 30, and Monday, July 4.

Here’s a breakout of some of the most popular regional traffic reports.

Washington Post predicts traffic will be bad essentially Friday 8am-8pm, Saturday morning until noon and Monday from 11am-6pm in the Washington Metro and Virginia areas.

New York City DOT has covered all bases by putting out a traffic advisory from Friday through Monday.

LoHud provides a scientific explanation for ever-worsening traffic in the New York City area: vehicle miles traveled. Our guess is this VMT metric holds true for key metro areas nationwide.

AJC.com warns Atlanta drivers that the worst times to drive in Georgia this weekend will be Thursday 6pm-8pm, Friday 11am-4pm, and most likely the evening hours on Monday, July 4.

Boston Magazine reports that the worst day to hit the road is Friday with the best day for driving over the weekend being Saturday.

Goldengate.org warns to plan for traffic on July 4th weekend and to be aware of road closures

CNBC.com analyzed Waze and made a Google prediction (we all love Google right?) and came out saying that the safest bet overall is to leave your house before 7 am.

In a nutshell, the standard advice is to try to avoid peak traffic times and peak traffic days (Thursday, Friday, and Monday) and to check Google Maps before leaving and while driving. If Google tells you to take a detour, take it. Be careful. And if possible, avoid the traffic by staying home and celebrating poolside or at your home town’s firework show!

Happy 4th of July from all of us at DMVCheatSheets.com

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