Invest in your Commercial Driver’s License for a Better Financial Future

by Joshua on June 17, 2013

A Commercial Driver’s License or CDL is one of the many services that are offered at you local Department of Motor Vehicles office. The process takes a little investment of your time and a little money, but there are many long-term benefits to getting your CDL. Regardless of your age when it comes to your career future you are seeking job security in a position you enjoy and with a great pay. Earning your Commercial Driver’s License allows you to enter the field of commercial truck driving and obtain the career you are searching for. Currently commercial truck driving is one of the few career paths on the job market continuing to see an increase into the next decade. This career allows you to travel, with the choice of working for a local or national driving company. In some cases, you will even have the opportunity to actually own your commercial truck. It is also one of the highest paid careers that you can obtain without devoting years of your life to a college degree and in some cases you will actually earn more than those who have.

Career Paths for a Commercial Driver’s License

There are many options for you once you receive your Commercial Driver’s License. In order to ensure you open as many career doors as possible, make the extra investment and obtain all of the certifications you possibly can while going through the process. There is the standard CDL license and then there are additional special certifications you can acquire in areas such as chemical and hazard waste transportation. Each of these additional certifications comes with a small extra few and special test in order to be endorsed with your CDL but the possibilities will be endless for the extra effort. Many companies are constantly seeking drivers with their endorsements, so there is no shortage of available positions to be found. Possible positions include:

  • Chemical Commercial Transportation Local
  • Chemical Commercial Transportation National
  • Hazardous Waste Commercial Transport Interstate and Intrastate
  • Regional Truck Drivers
  • Over-the-road truck drivers
  • Owner/operator truck driver
  • Lease owner truck driver
  • Semi-local Commercial Drivers

Depending on the company you are employed by and the position you hold as a commercial driver, you will find that there are many additional benefits in your career. Companies know that there truck drivers are valuable and therefore offer many lucrative packages including:

  • Fuel bonus
  • Option of lease to own your truck
  • Cash bonus up to 20% or more
  • Fuel and parts discounts or in some cases, free parts and tires
  • hands-free freight
  • Local offer freight-control meaning you chose what you ship and to where
  • Local also offer daily-home time

Getting Your CDL

The process is easy and takes a little time and money but is well worth it. The following are the basic steps for getting your CDL. There is plenty of detailed information and tips listed at including practice tests and how-to lists that will better prepare you. To obtain your Commercial Divers License:

  1. Have a check-up with your physician and fill out the health certification
  2. Apply for your learner’s permit at your local Department of Motor vehicle office. Don’t forget your current driver’s license, social security card, health paperwork and the fee amount.
  3. Study the Commercial Driver’s License handbook for your state and take the permit written test. You can find many comprehensive guides to the test online through sites such as, as well as practice tests that are perfect for a check of your knowledge before test day. In addition be sure to study materials for your endorsement tests so you have as many options as possible.
  4. Once you have passed, start practicing on the road with a certified commercial driver. Be sure to acquire as much road time as you can but do not attempt to practice without the supervision of a licensed driver. If you are caught you will not be allowed to test for the CDL. Truck driving schools are private and offer a great way to practice, so they are worth investigating.
  5. When you’re ready, take the commercial driver’s test issued at your local department of motor vehicle office. In addition, take the endorsement tests at the same time to open doors. If you can afford the fees, take as many tests as possible. You wouldn’t want to loose out on a great local transport career just because you neglected to take your hazards materials endorsement test.
  6. After passing the tests, you will need to hire a company for your road test. There are plenty of truck driving schools across the country that will give you road practice and test you for the road test for a fee. Be sure to shop around for the best price.
  7. You will then receive your temporary license in which you must drive with for a certain amount of time before your will obtain your Commercial License through the mail. The amount of time varies in each state so be sure to find out.

Earning your Commercial Divers License and entering into the career of a professional truck driver is the best alternative to spending years of your life in a college classroom. Many times college students invest thousands only to find there is no work in their field and it can be discouraging. There is a need for truck drivers that is growing, so get into a field that can offer you the career of your dreams.

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