How to take your Written Driver’s Test in Texas

by Joshua on June 03, 2013

The key to passing your written driver’s test in Texas on the first try is be sure you are knowledgeable and prepared for the testing. Many people fail their test the first and even second try because they do not take the time necessary to be fully prepared. The driver’s test is divided into three parts: The written skills test which will evaluated how well you understand traffic laws, the vision test and the road diver’s test. The Texas written driver’s test and vision test are administered only at your local Texas Department of Motor Vehicles branch. The following steps will assist you in passing your test and receiving your license on the first try.

Before the Test

Once you have applied for your permit and fulfilled all of the requirements including taking your written permits test, you have spent some time behind the wheel of a vehicle practicing under the supervision of a licensed driver. This is no reason not to prepare for your written skills test so preparation is essential to passing. It is wise to contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles ahead of time to know what you will need to bring with you the day of your testing. If you wear glasses or contacts do not forget them the day of testing as you will surely fail your vision test. You can acquire a copy of your Texas Driving Skills handbook from any local Department of Motor Vehicles or a PDF copy online from the DMV website to study. In addition, there are plenty of practice tests and helpful information available at to help assure you are fully prepared for the test. In general, you will need the following with you the day of testing:

  • Your driver’s permit and proof of identity. This can be a school ID, State ID or any other form of picture ID. * Your birth certificate and Social Security card for proof of citizenship.
  • If required, you’re driving log signed by the licensed driver.
  • If you wear contracts or glasses you will need them with you.

After the vision test has been completed you will be given the written test and instructed where to sit to take the test. Take your time and answer all the questions to the best of your knowledge. The test is compiled of multiple choice questions and will ask you a series of questions regarding the laws and common signals found on the roads in the state of Texas. In addition you find a series of scenarios where you will be asked what would be the correct procedure if you are faced with them as a driver on the road. Once you have completed your test you will return to the counter where a Department of Motor Vehicle worker will then grade your test using an answer ruler. If you have passed, you will be allowed to take the final road test. If you received a failing grade, you will be instructed to return after the required amount of days have passed and you have studied more to retake the test.

What to Study

The Department of Motor Vehicles has created a skills booklet that will teach you all that you need to know in order to be a safe driver and pass your written skills test for your license. You can acquire a practice test online from the DMVcheatsheets website to assure you are understanding the rules and procedures correctly ahead of time, as well as show you what areas you should re-read to gain a better grasp of in order to pass. The following information appears commonly on the written test and is well worth studying ahead of time:

  • The rules and punishments in the state of Texas regarding driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Read over as well the proper procedure for carrying alcohol in your vehicle and rules pertaining to its transporting and minors in the vehicle.
  • The Defensive driver section will assist you in learning how to drive safely on the road and instruct you how to handle certain common issues you may encounter while driving. This section contains valuable information on driving while sleepy or distracted, driving and cell phones and road rage. Many questions you will encounter in the scenario portion of the written test will come from this section so be sure to study it in detail.
  • The basics of traffic signals section will cover all of the potential traffic signals you may encounter while on the road including all signals and procedures for left turns. You will find a list of all traffic signs, including accurate pictures of what they look like. Each traffic sign will also come with instructions for the proper actions you must take when you come across them in your travels. * Emergency vehicles, public transportation including school buses and construction zones are also covered in the handbook and there are many questions involving these three specific scenarios so be sure you know the procedures and laws.

Being well prepared is the best plan of action if you wish to pass your written driver’s test on the first try and be one step closer to getting on the road. Before your test get a good night sleep and eat a healthy breakfast so your mind is tip top shape for testing. In addition leave all distractions outside the door so that you can fully concentrate on the test and receive a passing grade. Put your cell phone on silent and focus on the task at hand.

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