DUI Death Rates by State - Where Does Your State Rank?

by Lisa on July 09, 2018

Many people tend to think of deaths by DUI as a thing of the past. Unfortunately, while the attention paid to the issue by media and the government has greatly lowered DUI death rates, it’s still an issue. In some states, it’s back on the rise. Where does your state rank?

Backgrounds.org analyzed data from the CDC and MADD and put together a chart that shows statistics by state. The map offers a color coded view of DUI state performance.

Which states are worst? Wyoming tops off the list with the worst DUI death rate (deaths per 100,000). Rounding out the top 5 worst DUI death rates are Montana, North Dakota, South Carolina and and Mississippi.

Which states are doing the best at curbing drinking and driving? New Jersey, Utah, Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island. For those that are aware that Utah recently lowered their DUI level from .08 to .05, making it the lowest in the US (and probably the planet), it’s worth noting that they lowered the level after the data in this chart was collected. So, maybe they didn’t need to make the illegal drinking level the equivalent of one drink verse two? Just saying.

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