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by Joshua on December 14, 2014

If you don’t read the driver’s handbook, you will have a slim to none chance of passing. You can’t go without reading the handbook and expect to pass. You may know the main roads around your home, the basic laws of driving as you ride with your parents, friends, or other family in a vehicle. However, there is much more information that you need to be aware of. You can’t just skim through the handbook; you have to absorb all of the information. While you’re reading the driver’s handbook, take notes on some things that you didn’t know. Study those notes multiple times until you remember each fact.

Memory Cards

Memory cards aren’t just for school. Of course, the majority of people going to take their permit test knows what a stop sign looks like. However, it’s important to remember what each stop sign looks like. If you miss even a few of the road signs on the permit test, you can automatically fail. There are multiple road signs, and they may be hard to remember at first. If you take some flash cards and get a picture of the road signs on them. Practice makes perfect when it comes to testing yourself with this. If you have a smartphone, there are apps to help you with remembering the road signs as well.

Visualizing With Sketches

If you are someone who is a visual learner, it can be hard to analyze some situations. You should consider make a basic sketch on some paper. When you’re taking your permit test, nobody says you can’t put your artistic talent to good use, as long as you remember the facts of driving.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you take just one practice test, you may feel a bit better about it. However, if you take the practice tests multiple times, you are more than likely able to improving your chances of passing the real test. To be able to obtain your DMV permit, you must know the laws and regulations, the rules. Anxiety shouldn’t be a reason that you fail the test. When you take different practice tests, you will understand the different combination of questions that will be asked on the final test. When you are looking for practice tests, be sure that they correspond with your specific state. Each state has their own laws and regulations.

Watch and Learn

Each time you get in the car with someone, such as a family member or friend, watch everything they do. Make sure it’s someone you trust so you know you’re getting the right information. Watch how they wait at red lights, go right on red lights if no traffic is coming, yield right-a-ways, wait for oncoming traffic to go straight before turning, and more important road tips. If the driver you are riding with did something wrong, say “Did you know you didn’t do that right?” Speaking up will help you realize you do know what you’re doing, and that you’re doing a good job at learning. The more you watch and learn, the easier the permit test will be for you.

Don’t Cram Studying in One Night

Don’t wait until the last night before the permit test to study. If you wait, then you are putting your brain on overdrive, and expect yourself to remember all the information. The brain needs to learn information over time. As soon as you schedule your permit test, you need to get studying. Even before you schedule, you should know some of the handbook. If you wait and study the night before, you may know all of the information that night, but once you go to bed, get up and go to the DMV, you are likely to experience a blank mind and forget half of the information. Study over time to ace your permit test.

On Your Permit Day

The most important thing you can do when it comes to the morning of your permit test day is to have faith. When you are confident in yourself, you are more likely to pass. If you aren’t confident, you may easily forget and block your mind to the answers you do know on the test. You may know the answer, but feel you’re wrong, so you don’t jot it down. You could have passed with a bit more faith in yourself. Make sure to eat a healthy breakfast. Like they say, food is fuel, and you will feel more energized to take your permit test. If you can, arrive early. Show them you are ready to take on the test, and you will pass with flying colors. If you’re anxious, take a few deep breaths. Don’t focus on failing. Focus on bring in the present and take each question in at a time.

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