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by Joshua on February 07, 2014
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As in every other state of the U.S. teens and adults across Alaska often dream of the day they can become a licensed driver. In the Alaska Division of Motor vehicles, which are a subsidiary of the Alaska state Department of Administration, it is their duty to ensure that those individuals who wish to apply for a driver’s license are fully prepared and knowledgeable. The Division of Motor Vehicles or DMV is responsible for providing the required drivers education pamphlets as well as administering the necessary tests for earning a drivers license and all of the paperwork processing. The process for attaining your state driver’s license in Alaska is very much the same as any other state. There are certain rules, requirements and education you must partake in as well as paperwork to be filled out and brought to your local testing facility.

Requirements for Testing and Application

The best way to save time and money when going to apply for your Alaska State driver’s license is to find out as much as you can ahead of time. Research any and all requirements for your individual state and have as many things prepared ahead of time as you can. This will eliminate multiple visits and testing situations, meaning less stress and hassle for you in the long run. Some of the requirements you may run into for the testing and application process of obtaining an Alaska State Drivers License include-

  • Must be 16 years of age
  • Must have held a learners permit for at least 6 months prior to application
  • Parental consent if under the age of 18
  • Proof of Residence
  • Proof of Citizenship
  • Proof of social security number
  • If under 18 proof of school attendance and verification of enrollment

Testing for your License

The best way for you to prepare to pass all parts of the Alaska Drivers License testing is to prepare ahead of time. To achieve your first time driver’s license in Alaska you must complete and pass the written or general knowledge exam (if you do not have a permit), you must also pass a road skills test as well as a drug and alcohol awareness test.
Many people are intimidated when they find out they have to pass several tests and memorize information as it may be on the test. Have no fear; nowadays the easiest way to study is online. Many people find that sitting their and reading a driving manual from cover to cover just does not allow them to absorb the information they need in order to pass the test and get their drivers license. Research the material that will be covered and look up alternative study methods such as practice test and cheat sheets like those found on There you can find a variety of practice test packages for every kind of general knowledge test and information about the testing process in each state. The general knowledge test is a randomized multiple choice test that not only asks question about any degree of knowledge in the driver’s manual but also used tricky questions and scenarios to confuse the test taker, truly testing your knowledge and comprehension level. The best way to achieve success is to study and practice as much as possible. With practice tests, cheat sheets and answer keys you are able to test and score yourself with instant answers. This allows you to see what you have successfully mastered and what you still need to study.

An example of the practice test questions for the Alaska Drivers License like that found on will resemble the following:

Practice Test

1.) If two cars come to a stop sign intersection at the same time which car goes first?

A. The car which notices first can go before the other.
B. The car on the left signals to the other car.
C. The car on the right yields to the one on the left.
D. The car on the left yields to the one on the right.

2.) If you enter an area with a roundabout or traffic island in which traffic is flowing around it, in which direction do you enter the roundabout?

A. The Center
B. Go straight until you merge in the roundabouts traffic
C. The Corner
D. The Left

3.) A yellow pentagon shaped road sign featuring two people walking is a indicator of what?

A. Crosswalk for only two people
B. Your approaching a school zone ahead
C. Pedestrians not allowed
D. School bus loading and unloading ahead

4.) The three point turn unless prohibited in the area must be used for which of the following?

A. Pass another vehicle on two lane highway
B. Changing lanes
C. Making a right turn
D. Turning around on a narrow street

5.) According to the Alaska state drivers manual your vehicle should never exceed what speed when backing up or reversing?

A. 12 miles per hour
B. 5 miles per hour
C. 10 miles per hour
D. 3 miles per hours

Testing for your license

Preparations should pay off; you should feel confident in your knowledge of local and state driving laws and safety rules. When you feel you have studied a sufficient amount you can proceed to your local DMV and go ahead with the application process. Once your application is complete you will take the general knowledge test and then follow up with a road skills test. If you put the study effort in and use practice tests you will thrive and become a licensed driver in no time.

Answer Key

1.) C
2.) D
3.) B
4.) D
5.) B

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