CCC Test Questions and Answers for the Kentucky CCC

Among entering high school, attending your first school dance or even getting your first boyfriend or girlfriend— achieving your driver’s license if one of the biggest milestones adolescents dreams about from the age where we receive our first toy car or see our older siblings embark on road trip adventures. Subsequently, there are a few steps we have to complete before you can become a licensed or permitted driver and each state has their own variations of these steps— including their individualized rules of the road for each state, knowledge tests, vision and health screenings as well as documents you need to bring or residency requirements.

Driver’s License Test information for Kentucky

The most important and sometimes the most difficult part of the process to get your drivers license is the testing phase. There is a variety of tests and materials you need to know and study before you can even attempt to pass the general knowledge test in most states. Kentucky has its own testing procedures and test content so if you are a new driver, teen driver or new to the state, taking and passing the knowledge test on the first try can be quite a trying task! The best way to ensure you pass your knowledge test the first time, which eliminates the hassle of repeating the testing procedures and costs is to prepare yourself by studying the content that you need to know, and study again!

You can pick up the driver’s manual from the local Circuit Clerks Office in your area for a rate of $5.00 a copy and read it cover to cover as many times as you want, but the problem is many people cannot learn that way. You may focus too much on material that won’t be on the test or that you do not need to know for your type of license. Taking practice tests and using cheat sheets is a great way to study a compilation of all the information you will need for your license and cut out the stuff you don’t! has a variety of cheat sheets and practice tests for your driver’s license knowledge test as well as your permit test. gives you a mixture of test questions just like the randomly generated test at the Circuit Clerks Office giving you a real and immediate testing experience in the comfort of your own home with the added confidence of seeing the right and wrong answers right away to help you reduce what areas you should focus your studying.

Of course you can not forget the actual practice for your road test, but before you practice driving or attempt your road test you must pass the permit test with a passing rate of 80% or more.

Getting your Drivers License in the state of Kentucky

To get your Drivers License in the state of Kentucky you must first apply at the Circuit Court Clerks office in the county at which you reside. There are several documents you must bring with you to begin the application and testing process such as; your (non laminated) social security card, an original or certified copy of your birth certificate and a No Pass No Drive form. Applicants under the age of 18 such as teens applying for a permit or intermediate license must bring an adult parent or guardian (with proof of parentage or guardianship to the minor) to sign the application for them. provides all of the information you need to know about the process for obtaining your permit or license, the testing process for permits, license and all additional requirements and information about your driver’s license test. You can also find all the online practice tests cheat sheets on each type of license in your state. Cutting your frustration and time to obtaining your license in half!

Sample Test Questions and Answer Sheets has a multitude of practice tests and even samples test for you to look at and try out before you purchase the product. These tests are designed to give you an insight into the type of material covered on the actual test and ensure that your studying efforts never go in vain! With the online practice tests and cheat sheets you get immediate access to the tests and the answer sheets, letting you learn all the information you need to pass not only the knowledge test but give you confidence in your road test and ease the whole application process with the information given. If you’re simply overwhelmed with the whole idea of testing for your license or just don’t know where to begin to make sure your doing all that you can to pass is a great place to start your search, learn the rules of the road for your state and how to recognize trick questions.

Sample Test with Answers

Here’s an example of what the Sample Tests and Practice Test’s will look like and what kind of content they will test over

1.) A parent/guardian with a valid license must provide proof the applicant has clocked 60 supervised driving hours with how many of these hours being at night?

A. 20
B. 10
C. 30
D. All of them

2.) Before putting a vehicle into gear and beginning to drive three things MUST be adjusted, what are they?

A. Mirrors, Safety Belts and Seats
B. Mirrors, Radio Stations and Tire Pressure
C. Seats, Safety belts and Radio Stations
D. Mileage Counter, Mirrors, Safety Belts

3.) After accumulating how many points could your License be suspended if you are over the age of 18?

A. 3 Points
B. 6 Points
C. 9 Points
D. 12 Points

4.) In what night time hours are Permit Drivers and Intermediate Drivers prohibited from operating a motor vehicle?

A. 9pm- 5am
B. 6pm-6am
C. 11pm-6am
D. 12am-6am

5.) If you are driving on a highway that is undivided and start to approach a school bus that is stopped in front of you with its red lights flashing, what action should you take?

A. Pass if the other side is clear
B. Turn on your emergency flashers
C. Wait until the driver turns off the flashing lights to pass
D. Pass if the bus driver indicates you can

Answer Key:

1.) B
2.) A
3.) D
4.) D
5.) C

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