Applying for a Pennsylvania CDL - Endorsement N (Tanker) License

by Joshua on August 04, 2014

Are you tired of working the same 9 to 5 everyday at the same company? Are you bored of sitting at your desk staring at a computer screen? Looking for an exciting new career that allows you to experience new places? Then getting your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is something that might be right for you! With a plethora of job prospects and opportunities to transport a variety of things, getting your CDL can be a boon to revitalizing your career. An interesting aspect of getting your CDL is that you have the opportunity of acquiring extra certifications to expand your horizons in the trucking industry and these are known as endorsements. If you live in the state of Pennsylvania , then read on to discover the steps of how to apply for your CDL with an Endorsement N !

Benefits of a CDL

Having your CDL will allow you to transport certain goods and materials through the use of a commercial vehicle. You’ll be able to drive throughout the country transporting precious and important cargo to different businesses operating in various states and cities. As a driver of a commercial vehicle with certain endorsements, you become an important part of the logistics chain. Without you, goods won’t be able to get to the places that they need to go so know that you are an integral part of that system!

How to acquire your PA CDL (steps to take)

First off you need to make sure that you have the appropriate documentation to apply for your CDL instructional permit. In order to submit a Commercial Learner’s Permit Application, you will need your Social Security Card (to verify your Social Security Number), a valid PA driver’s license, and proof of residency. Once this has been submitted you will present a Self-Certification (Form DL-11CD) to confirm the category vehicle that you will be driving and a form to upgrade your driving privilege form a Non-commercial Driver’s License to a CDL (Dl-31CD). From here, you will need to pay the licensing and permit fees included in the application. After your information has been verified and processed by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (DOT), then you will receive a Knowledge Test Authorization (KTA) in the mail and this will be a form of verification that you are now an eligible person to take the knowledge tests.

Once you have passed all of the appropriate knowledge tests for your CDL and the endorsements, you are then qualified to be issued a permit that will give you permission to practice with the type of truck for which you are applying for a license. You must practice driving the vehicle for at least 15 days with our learner’s permit. After you have your learner’s permit for the appropriate amount of time, you are ready to take the road skills test. The road skills test is to be performed outside of that 15 day time span. Once you pass this test, then you’ll have your picture taken and you’ll have your CDL set and ready for you to start driving!

Endorsement N

Endorsements for a CDL driver allow for a driver to add certain credentials to his repertoire of driving skills. Endorsements certify that you can transport certain cargos through a variety of ways. Some of these cargos can be dangerous so the federal government mandates that certain set of requirements be fulfilled.

The endorsement N certifies the holder to operate tank vehicles. For this specific endorsement you will only need to pass a written knowledge test and not a skills test. This knowledge test is consistent of 20 questions and can be taken at a third party testing center. An endorsement N is needed for vehicles that transport liquids or gases and if you plan to transport a liquid or liquid gas in a portable tank that carries 1,000 gallons or more or a permanently mounted cargo tank that is greater than 450 liters (119 gallons). On top of that, you’ll need a tank endorsement if you are driving a class c vehicle that is also used to transport hazardous materials in gas or liquid form.

Time to apply!

Ultimately, getting your CDL is a great investment in your future! In addition to not being tremendously time consuming, it is inexpensive to apply for and receive your CDL so why not do it? You can earn between $35,000-$45,000 a year to start and then after a few years of work, your salary could potentially increase past $50,000. If you would like to learn more about how to go about getting your CDL in the state of Pennsylvania, then check out the following hyperlink. You can find a plethora of information here and will notice that all of the steps are broken down as well.

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