Applying for a Maryland CDL - Class C License with Hazardous Materials

by Joshua on July 18, 2014

All those people seeking to get a Class C CDL are required to complete a few steps before they can drive. Just like all CDL license types , you will have to take and pass a General Knowledge exam and then you will be required to take and pass the hazardous materials examination in majority of the states. A class C CDL generally allows operation of heavy vehicles that manage between 16,000 and 25,999 lbs of material. Then you will take a road test where the driver will be required to take the driving test in a vehicle that is in line with the respective weight class.

Classes of Commercial Driver’s Licenses

There are separate classes of commercial driver’s licenses in the Act. All states issue licenses in these categories. These class designations are from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

  • Class A: These include a combination of vehicles that have a gross vehicle weight rating (GWVR) of 26,001+ pounds. Also, the GVWR of the vehicles being towed is over 10,000 pounds.
  • Class B: Class B includes a single automobile with a GVWR of 26,001+ pounds, or any likely motor vehicle carrying another vehicle having 10,000 pounds GVWR.
  • Class C: Class C includes vehicle or any combination of them not meeting the specifications of Class A or Class B, but is either designated to transport 16 or more commuters (that includes the driver, or is designated for hazardous materials carriage.

When a person obtains their CDL , they take the required General Knowledge test , which is mandatory for any CDL, and the necessary tests for whichever endorsements they need or want for that particular class of the license. The driver takes the behind the wheels test in the vehicle that falls into one of the above classes.
Some states may make exceptions for snow removal vehicles, farm vehicles, some military vehicles and fire and emergency vehicles.

Exam requirements for Class C CDL License

For a CDL of Class C , you will need to pass the following exams:

  • General Knowledge Test- This test will gauge your basic control of the vehicle, gear shifting, vehicle inspection, seeing hazards and communicating, anti-lock braking systems, etc.
  • Pre-Trip Inspection – This test entails internal and external inspection, emergency exit and evacuation, special safety considerations.
  • HazMat-This entails learning and knowing the intent of regulations; bulk tank loading, unloading and marking; driving and parking rules; driver responsibilities; communication rules; emergencies; loading and unloading, etc.
  • Passenger Transport- This entails vehicle inspection; loading and unloading passengers; emergency exits; rail road crossing and draw bridges; after-trip vehicle inspection; prohibited practices; use of brake-door interlocks, etc.

Other state required CDL exams may also be required depending on the state you reside in. You can find Maryland-specific information here

Requirements for getting a CDL in Maryland

The following are the requirements for obtaining a CDL in Maryland:

  • You must own a standard class driver license
  • You must prove your identity by establishing your age and proving that you are a US citizen
  • You must furnish two forms of documentation that prove your residency in Maryland
  • You must reveal your Social Security Number
  • You should be 18 years old in order to obtain an intrastate CDL and 21 years of age for an interstate one
  • You are required to pass a physical exam from the Department of Transportation and provide the examiner with a card or report.
  1. Fees

The fee includes a learner’s permit (including tests) for $90; license renewal for $50; duplicate license – $20 and license conversion (out-of-state to MD license) for $65.

  1. Federal Requirements

You will self certify in one of these driving categories below:

1- Excepted Interstate
2- Excepted Intrastate
3- Non-Excepted Interstate
4- Non-Excepted Intrastate

You will be asked to provide the Division of Vehicles and a federal medical certificate if you pick the Non-Excepted Interstate.
In case you aim to drive a certain kind of equipment, then you will be asked to maintain an additional endorsement for that particular equipment. In addition, you will need the following, which require additional testing:

  • S- School Buses (knowledge and skills tests)
  • P- Passenger (knowledge and skills tests)
  • N- Tank Vehicle (knowledge test only)
  • H- Hazardous Materials (knowledge test only)
  • T- Double/Triple Trailers (knowledge test only)

If you vehicle bears air brakes, then you will be required to pass a written knowledge test about them too.
Those CDL holders who also have a hazmat, or a hazardous material endorsement, have to go through a background investigation and fingerprinting which are both undertaken by the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA).

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