North Carolina (NC) Learner's Permit Free Practice Test

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How do you determine who goes first if you approach an intersection with a malfunctioning traffic signal?
What is the penalty if a driver under 21 is convicted of driving with any amount of alcohol or drugs in their system?
What should you do to avoid potential collisions with a bicyclist?
True or False: During an average lifetime of driving, we face about a one-in-three chance of being seriously injured or killed in a motor vehicle crash.
Under North Carolina law, which child must be properly restrained in a child restraint system?
Penalty points are given for which of the following offenses?
True or false: Driving on rural roads is less dangerous than driving in heavy city traffic.
Which of the following statements is true in North Carolina?
What is NC "Fender Bender" Law?
Children ages ___ until ____ must be secured in either a child passenger restraint system or a seat belt.

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The North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (NC DMV) is responsible for issuing driver's learner's permits, driver's licenses, vehicle title and registration, promoting highway safety and recor... (read more)

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