Driving In North Carolina

You must be 18 or older to drive in North Carolina. To get your license, you must bring at least two forms of acceptable ID. One form must have your full name, including your middle name if you have one. You also must submit proof of age, such as an original birth certificate. You will also need to take a vision and written test, even if you have a license from another state! If you previously had a learner’s permit, you will need to take a road test as well.

Steps To Getting Your License

There are six steps to getting your North Carolina license:

  1. Meet the requirements
  2. Gather your the Needed Documents
  3. Pay The Fee
  4. Restrictions
  5. Organ donation, voting and selective service
  6. Take (and pass) the tests


You need to be 18 to get a North Carolina driver’s license. You also must have a license from another state or a learner’s permit with all educational courses completed. Make sure you are prepared for the NC written test by using the $CSLINK.


You will be required to proof the following:

  • Residency
  • Age & Identity
  • Liability Insurance
  • Social Security Card

Paying The Fees

The fees for a Class C drivers license is $4.00 per year and licenses are issued for 5 or 8 years, depending on age. If you are 18 to 53 years old, the license lasts 8 years. If you are 54 or older, than the license lasts 5 years. Checks and cash only!! No Credit Cards!


Individuals must be in good mental and physical health to obtain a North Carolina driver’s license. You must also pass a vision test, so if you wear corrective lenses or contacts you will be required to bring them to the exam.

Organ Donation, Selective Service and Voting

You will be asked to make decisions regarding organ donation, registering to vote and selective service registration while obtaining your NC license. All three are optional and will not impact your ability to obtain a license.

Taking The Tests

No matter if you are a first time driver or if you have been driving for years, you will be required to take a written test among other tests. The following tests must be passed:

  1. Vision
  2. Traffic Signs – (hint: this is tough in NC. You need to know the signs but also be able to know which signs are associated with which SHAPES. They will show you the shape of a sign without anything in it and ask you to tell them what the sign says!)
  3. Driving Knowledge / Written Test
  4. Driving Skills / Road Test
100% Money Back Guarantee If You Fail
If you don't pass your written test we will REFUND you 100% of your purchase with us.