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In South Carolina, motorcycle operators and passengers under the age of _______ years must wear a helmet.
South Carolina state law requires motorcycle operators under 21 years of age to wear:
On most two-wheel motor vehicles, the ____________ is located on the left handlebar.
The fuel petcock is usually located on the ___________ of the gasoline tank.
South Carolina law requires every motorcycle to have:
After passing, the leader of a staggered formation should go to the ___________ position.
True or False: A passenger under 24 years of age must wear a helmet and face shield.
At a stop sign at a blind intersection, the first thing you should do is:
When you have a passenger, instruct that person to _______________ when turning.

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The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles, as known as the SC DMV, is responsible for all motorcycle licensing and title laws. The SCDMV administers both the driving and written tests for th... (read more)

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