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In general, how long does it take the body to process the alcohol in one drink?
If you move to Pennsylvania, how long do you have to obtain a driver’s license?
If you approach an intersection and the traffic signal is not working, what should you do?
What is the “four second rule?”
What is the correct way to navigate through a curve?
How should you handle the situation if you and another vehicle reach a 4-way or multi-stop intersection at about the same time?
An open-bed pickup truck or open flatbed truck may not be driven at speeds greater than _____ mph when there are passengers in the back of the truck and any passengers cannot be younger than _____ years of age.
If your address changes, even if you are moving out of state, you must notify the PennDOT within:
Which of the following children must be in a federally approved booster seat according to PA law?
What is the speed limit in a school zone when the yellow lights are flashing?

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