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The hand-over-hand driving technique is best suited for which of the following maneuvers?
What is the New Jersey “Safe Corridors” law?
What are some of the many ways that a motorist can navigate safely through a construction zone?
The MVC keeps track of a motorist's driving record by adding points to the record when a motorist is convicted of what?
What is the minimum safe following distance for a vehicle traveling at 40 mph on wet pavement?
After alcohol, what is the drug most often found with drivers involved in collisions?
What should you do if your vehicle goes into the water?
True or False? On very soft surfaces, such as loose gravel or unpacked snow, an ABS system (anti-lock braking system) may actually lengthen stopping distance.
Maggie's Law:
What is the “No-Zone?”

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The mission of the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC or DMV) is "To promote motor vehicle safety for our citizens by delivering secure, effective and professional motor vehicle services, and... (read more)

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