Nevada Motorcycle Free Practice Test

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When is it best to change gears while riding on any roadway?
If you obtain an instruction permit, you may:
How many seconds distance should be maintained behind the vehicle ahead?
One out of every how many motorcycle crashes results in head or neck injuries?
More than half of all crashes involve riders with less than how many months of experience on their motorcycle?
Injuries occur in 33% of automobile crashes that involve abuse of substances. What percentage of motorcycle crashes involve abuse of substances?
In most states, an adult with a BAC of what is considered intoxicated?
Alcohol is a major contributor to motorcycle crashes, particularly fatal crashes. Studies show that nearly what percentage of riders killed in motorcycle crashes had been drinking?
When do most crashes occur?
The drive train for a motorcycle uses either a chain, belt, or drive shaft to transfer power from where?

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The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (Nevada DMV) is responsible for the safety and enforcement of operating a motor vehicle in Nevada. All residents are required, by law, to have a Nevada licen... (read more)

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