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At what Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) does the law state you are under the influence of alcohol?
How can you determine if you are following too closely behind another vehicle?
When approaching a blind pedestrian, what should you do?
At night, what can you do to avoid being blinded by the glare of bright headlights coming toward you?
What should you do if someone is injured in an accident?
Anytime you want to merge with traffic, you need a gap of about:
A safety seat or booster seat must be used for:
If you move within Montana or out of state, you must report the change of address within what period of time?
The law specifies that you must give the right of way when the following crosses any highway or intersection:
The potential for a collision is increased when a driver is riding in the blind spot, the area around trucks where vehicles cannot easily be seen. The no-zone areas consist of the following:
After completing a traffic education course, which of the following allows a student, age 14 1/2 or older, to drive with a parent or guardian in the front seat?

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