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When going to park your motorcycle at a curb you must what?
Helmeted riders are how many times more likely to survive head injuries than those not wearing helmets at the time of the crash?
Good experienced riders remain aware of what is going on around them. How do they improve their riding strategy?
While riding a motorcycle, wearing certain colors of clothing help increase your chances of being seen. What color helps your chances of being seen?
When are most crashes likely to occur?
Your motorcycle should "fit" you. What does this mean?
In addition to the checks you should make on your motorcycle before every trip, you should also check what at least once a week?
The front brake supplies how much of the potential stopping power?
More than half of all crashes:
There are two types of helmets providing two different levels of coverage. What are these two types?

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Operation of a motorcycle or motor driven cycle in the State of Illinois requires a valid license with the proper classification. * Class L is any motor driven cycle with less than 150 cc displa... (read more)

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