Free CDL - Section 9 - Hazardous Materials Practice Test

You are about to take the CDL - Section 9 - Hazardous Materials. This sample test consists of 10 multiple choice questions and answers.

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Which placard may be used in place of a COMBUSTIBLE placard on a cargo tank or portable tank?
Which of the following do not require placards if the quantity being shipped is less than 1,001 pounds?
Where can you find the shipper's certification?
Where are you allowed to deliver hazardous waste material?
A driver transporting Class A or B explosives must have in his or her possession while driving which of the following?
What is the ERG?
What is a placard?
If you have an accident while driving a vehicle with explosives, you should remove all explosives before separating any vehicles involved in the collision. True or False?
Which lists should you check to determine which placards are needed when transporting materials?
Which of the following are clues that a shipment contains hazardous material?

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