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Free CDL - Section 2 - General Knowledge Driving Safely Sample Practice Test

You are about to take the CDL - Section 2 - General Knowledge Driving Safely. This sample test consists of 11 multiple choice questions and answers.

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When is the braking effect of the engine the greatest?
How far ahead should you look?
Why is it important that you use a helper when backing?
When driving in winter, what are some things that you should be sure to check?
How frequently should you inspect the tires when driving in very hot weather?
When backing a trailer, how can a pull-up help you?
If you stop on a two-lane road carrying traffic in both directions or on an undivided highway, where should you place the emergency warning devices?
When are you at risk of hydroplaning?
What are the major signs of tire failure?
What is the most common skid?
Empty trucks have the best braking. True or False?

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The Federal Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1986 set minimum standards for a Commercial Drivers License in order to reduce accidents involving commercial motor vehicles. To comply with the ... (read more)

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