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Crashes are not rare events, particularly among beginning riders. One out of every how many motorcycle crashes reported head or neck injuries?
Some motorcycles have rounded (convex) mirrors. These provide a ___________ view of the road behind than do flat mirrors.
In a study of more than 900 motorcycle crashes, what percentage of those crashes were caused by helmets limiting the motorcyclists view?
The grease strip in the center of a lane is no more than how wide?
You don't have to cross railroad tracks head-on (at a 90 degree angle). Usually, it is safer to take railroad tracks as they come, riding straight within your lane. A motorcycle can cross tracks at an angle as sharp as _________ without difficulty.
A chain that slips or breaks while you’re riding could:

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The Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles titles motor vehicles, including trailers and mobile homes; registers motor vehicles, including trailers, snow vehicles, powered and non-powered boats, and All... (read more)

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