Alaska (AK) Driver's License Free Practice Test

You are about to take the Alaska DMV Online Practice Test. This sample test consists of 10 multiple choice questions and answers.

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What is an intersection control device with traffic circulating around an island called?
What must a driver do when parking down hill?
Be prepared to stop within how many feet of an oncoming train?
What does a STEADY clear walk signal indicate?
Approximately 20% of all traffic fatalities are what?
What types of vehicles need a full width lane like other vehicles on the roadways?
What is the speed limit for a business district?
What must a driver do when they hear or see an oncoming emergency vehicle?
What is prohibited by law while driving in Alaska?
What should all drivers, as a safety precaution, carry in their vehicle at all times?

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About the Alaska Driving Test

The Alaska DMV (Division of Motor Vehicles) titles motor vehicles, including trailers and mobile homes; registers motor vehicles, including trailers, snow vehicles, powered and non-powered boats, a... (read more)

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