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You are about to take the Alabama DMV Online Practice Test. This sample test consists of 10 multiple choice questions and answers.

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Upon approaching a curve, a driver should do what?
According to the State of Alabama, if parking on a rural road, where should the car be parked?
What is the length of grace period for notification to the Alabama DMV upon change of address?
What is the correct hand signal for a right turn?
In the State of Alabama, the statutory speed limit on an unpaved road is what?
Your tires are illegal if your tires are worn below how many inches?
Your wheels should be pointed straight ahead, unless you are:
Which of the following is true about large trucks?
Which of these statements is true about driving and taking medications?
In AL, at what ages should children be restrained while riding in motor vehicles?

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The Alabama Department of Public Safety handles all issues related to learners permits and drivers licenses in Alabama. The department is also respnsible for the highway patrol. On their website ... (read more)

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