Why Many Student Drivers Fail Their Written Permit Exam

by Joshua on April 23, 2014

A recent survey has shown that out of 555 drivers, 44% of them would not be able to pass the driving permit test. Almost 60% of the first time test takers fail the permit exam at first shot. Many student drivers might have a pre-conceived thought that passing the driver’s written permit exam is quite tough. However, passing this test is no brainer. Without being smart enough to attempt any of the questions, it is very difficult to avoid the pitfalls which are caused and hence students often fail. If students are way aware of the dos and don’ts at the right time, it is still possible to tackle this problem easily.

There are not really any shortcuts to pass the driving permit exam. Hence, do not even think that it can be as easy as cramming just a few nights before the exam. By just doing this you may end up in sleeplessness and inability to focus. Off course cramming few nights before your DMV test might serve a temporary purpose of helping you in remembering things for short term. Hence, all DMV traffic rules and road signs you have memorized in few nights might easily forget. You should be well versed with the DMV rules and regulations whichever state you belong to. Visit here to know more.

Anyone who wishes to have legal right for driving would definitely identify why would so many people fail in the exam and find out solutions to prevent that or correct their mistakes for future tests.

Complexity of the Written Permit Exam

Even adults who are first time drivers can be called as students. Older students who usually drive for sometime, if they want to retake the test in some other state might still have problems in passing the exam as they might find the subject and written test as quite complex as compared to driving. Though they might be driving from sometime, they still may not be that aware of all the rules and regulations that come in the form of exam questions and might find it pretty complex to clear the test. The questions might put you in trouble even though you are good at driving and a very experienced driver. You should never fall victim to the ‘I already know all these tricks’ kind of pot holes. They can be quite dangerous at times and might lead you to the exam failure. Since not everything can be easily tackled, mistakes do happen easily. Hence, you should try to learn from your mistakes.

Just Reading would not Help

The written permit exam might not be that easy to pass if you just read the material like any other lesson. You would need to follow certain strategies while reading and remembering the rules and regulations to be followed in order to clear the test with flying colors. You can however read the DMV book over and over again in order to get a clearer understanding of the questions and answering them appropriately. If you actively keep participating, reading and implementing, then definitely it would become easy to handle these things effectively and very quickly. Managing your study time is equally important if you have to score well and pass the test. Reading multiple times the same things can be a waste of time many a times. Highlighting sections, underlying key points and also summarizing the passages can help you avoid passive learning.

Cramming might be Dangerous

Any students who are preparing for the exam usually start cramming if they are scared whether they would remember the answers to the questions or not. Students who wish to take the exam usually sit all night few days before the exam day and keep cramming. Though you will be deprived of sleep, you should still be able to focus on writing your exams thoroughly. Since you are cramming, your memory may be short term and will soon forget it either in tension or hurry.

Fear and Tension of Taking Your Written Exam

Tension and fear are the worst enemies of any student who wishes to take exams. Even though you know answers to all the questions, you will still have issues remembering the answers for those questions many a times. It seems that you have forgotten everything and made your mind completely blank and do not have any answers to the questions appeared in the exam. This is a very embarrassing situation indeed. As soon as they walk through the DMV doors, many students tend to forget everything and do not worry; this is the biggest problem almost everyone has. You should be trying some relaxation techniques like deep breathing exercises, aromatherapy, taking hot bath, going to spa on the previous day and practicing yoga right before your exam.

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