How to Successfully Tackle a Multiple Choice DMV Written Test

by Joshua on October 07, 2013

Many people preparing for a visit to the DMV for business will find that they are required to take a written test during the process. This includes first time drivers whether an adult or teenager and in many states those wishing to transfer to a state license. In addition, anytime a driver wishes to receive a special license type they will find they have to take the written test in some cases when they apply for a learners permit and then again when receiving the actual license. Special licenses include operating a motorcycle or moped, driving for a living with a CDL and even receiving a special endorsement to carry passengers.

Drivers renewing their license may also find that they need to take a written test. In some states it is required every time or every other time they renew. In other states it may be only in certain circumstances such as an expired license or one with too many points. In any case, many people required to take the written test dread this portion of a DMV visit more than any other process.

Part of this anxiety can come from a fear of tests. Everyone has taken a test at some point during their lives whether they are in their 40’s or 17 years old and many people feel that they are do poorly on tests even if they know the information well. The DMV wants each driver to receive a license and be safe on roadways so the test is designed in multiple choice and true/false format. In the case of true/false there is only one right and one wrong answer but a multiple choice test can have up to five possible correct answers to chose from.

Passing a Multiple choice test

Multiple choice test questions are designed in the same fashion. There is a question which may include a scenario such as how to yield the right of way. Then the driver will find between four and five possible answers in which they must choose the correct one. In some cases the test may throw a slight curve ball and add the possibility of all of the above or none of the above being correct. An example of a proper multiple choice question would be:

  • When reaching a yield sign at a four way intersection, the driver must:

A) Slow down and proceed through the intersection
B) Come to a complete stop and wait for traffic to clear
C) Speed up to cross the intersection
D) Only drive through the intersection if traffic is clear both ways

The correct answer is A in this sample. When looking at the makeup of the sample question, the driver may notice that one answer was correct, two were close to correct and one was completely wrong. This is a common way that multiple choice questions on the driver’s written test are developed. Understanding this makeup is an essential way to pass the test on the first try. Another great example is as follows:

  • When driving on a four lane road, where traffic is coming in both directions from two lanes each, the driver notices an emergency vehicle using its lights and siren approaching from the opposite direction. The driver must:

A) Pull as far to the right as possible, stop and allow the vehicle the right of way
B) Stop where they are in traffic until the vehicle passes by
C) Continue driving as normal because the vehicle is in the opposite traffic
D) Back up to the nearest corner and turn to avoid the vehicle

In this case the correct answer is A again. Test answer B is almost correct though traffic laws in this state may require they pull to the right so it was close. Answers C and D were dangerous and out of the question to complete.

When tackling a multiple choice written test at the DMV, using the process of elimination is an excellent way to tackle the exam. Find the most incorrect answer first and eliminate it from the answers. The next step is to find the one that doesn’t seem correct such as answer C in the sample question. That leaves only two test answers to content with and highly increases the driver’s chances of passing.

No substitution for study

In order to use the process of elimination on a multiple choice DMV test, the driver must of course know right from wrong when it comes to proper driving. Studying the materials available such as the Drivers Manual and Cheat Sheets that are available online will assist the driver in understanding the states specific traffic laws, as well as gaining an ability to correctly read traffic signs. Study the material in detail to fully understand the essential concepts of safe driving.

Practice tests are also available and are designed similar to the written test. This is an excellent way to not only gain an understanding of the driver’s abilities but to practice the process of elimination for multiple choice tests. Drivers will benefit from obtaining multiple practice tests and using the process of elimination to answer questions. It is always wise however, to assure that the materials are fully understood because not only does it assure a passing grade, but it assures safe driving practices that will last a lifetime.

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